New direction

Alright alright alright. This is the start of a new phase for my blog. This started off as my Vegas poker blog back in the day. Then it turned into my online poker blog when I moved back. Then it turned into my college football betting blog when I stepped back from poker. Then I took some time off from blogging.

Today starts a new phase. I am going to be tracking the ESPN College Gameday crew’s predictions and results. College Gameday is my favorite two hours of the week but I wonder how good Corso and the gang are as the “experts” in picking winners. I assume they have winning records (considering many of their picks are multiple touchdown favorites. They’re not picking against the spread) but I’d like to know some stats on it. So I will be tracking the picks of the regular cast each week in their official end-of-show picks along with the guests. I will also add in their random extra picks as I see them, along with any other hosts I see on ESPN during the week(i.e. every week I’ll try to see whether Lou Holtz’s prediction of a Notre Dame victory is correct).

The official picks will be fully tracked. Others will be tracked as best as I can due to my work schedule, but I will add them as often as I can just to increase our sample size. I will also try to spend a few minutes each week to add “archival” picks from previous seasons I find in various online sources. So off we go!