2011 Regular Season Standings

Well after 14 weeks we are through the regular season and I thought I’d stop by and post a quick update with the 2011 standings.  Lee Corso is the only expert to top the century mark with 100 correct picks on the year.  On a comical note, Desmond Howard and Kirk Herbstreit are right behind him with 91 and 90 correct picks respectively… except that Herby has twice as many wrong picks.  Ooops.  David Pollack had a solid regular season on his first year on Gameday.  Jesse Palmer went a sharp 39-7 on the year.  Matt Stinchcomb decided to pick upsets the entire year and is the only one aside from the Schwab that I tracked with a losing record on the season.  The Celebrity Guests were pretty mediocre this year.  In past years they’ve been pretty sharp (or whoever tells them who to pick is pretty sharp) but they went 62-42.  And of course my girlfriend Jennifer was neck and neck with both David Pollack and Skip Bayless.  Not bad Jennifer.

BUT HOLD ON.  We can have big shakeups in bowl season.  I’ll be updating as the picks roll in.  Don’t be surprised to see me post an expert picking Team A over Team B, and then see me post a week later with the reverse, because everyone flip flops during bowl season as things develop.  However I’ll still post it as I see it, and as always, the last decision they make is the one going in the official record.

Lee Corso: 100-65
Kirk Herbstreit: 90-61
Desmond Howard: 91-35
Lou Holtz: 56-27
Mark May: 52-29
David Pollack: 82-41
Robert Smith: 42-28
Jesse Palmer: 39-7
Pat Forde: 31-14
Trevor Matich: 4-2
Skip Bayless: 83-45
Todd McShay: 25-12
Colin Cowherd: 51-33
Tom Luginbill: 67-31
Mike Bellotti: 25-8
Charlie Arbuckle: 7-2
Matt Stinchcomb: 6-11
Danny Kanell: 21-8
Jason Sehorn: 12-12
Howie Schwab: 14-17
Michael Smith: 2-2
Woody Paige: 7-4
Tim Cowlishaw: 7-2
Kevin Blackistone: 3-3
Mark Schlabach: 5-4
Matt Millen: 6-1
Bob Davie: 3-4
Brock Huard: 6-3
Chris Fowler: 3-1
Randy Shannon: 1-3
Bill Plaschke: 1-3
Jennifer: 83-44
Celebrity Guests Overall: 62-42