Bowl Season: Colin Cowherd 2011 picks

Here’s Colin Cowherd’s picks for Bowl season 2011-12.  I picked them up on Facebook’s bowl picking app.  I’m not sure if they are actually from him or if its some ESPN intern posting them on his behalf, but for all of the picks I pull from Facebook I pretty much say that if they didn’t want those picks associated with their name then they shouldn’t have joined that bowl picking app anyways.  Enjoy.

Michigan over VaTech
Oregon over Wisconsin
Bama over LSU
Stanford over Okla St
Clemson over WVU
Temple over Wyoming
Utah St over Ohio
SDSU over Lafayette
Marshall over FIU
TCU over LaTech
Boise St over Ariz St
Nevada over S.Miss
UNC over Mizzou
Purdue over W.Mich
NC St over Lville
Toledo over AF
Texas over Cal
FSU over ND
Baylor over Washington
Tulsa over BYU
Iowa St over Rutgers
Miss St over Wake Forest
OU over Iowa
TAMU over NW
GaTech over Utah
UCLA over Illinois
Vandy over Cinci
Auburn over UVA
Penn St over Houston
Florida over Ohio St
S.Car over Nebraska
Georgia over Mich St
Arkansas over KState
Pitt over SMU
NIU over Ark St

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