2011-12 Season Wrap-up

Its been a fantastic season here at Cole’s Gameday Blog.  The boys down in the lab have been working overtime running the numbers and the results are in.  Your 2011-2012 Gameday blog champion is Jesse Palmer coming in at 83.7% correct picks on the year with a record of 36-7.  Congratulations to Jesse Palmer.  Below is one shot from the photo-shoot where we awarded him his College Gameday championship belt.

Jesse Palmer: Gameday Champion

In addition, we would like to hand out a few post-season awards to noteworthy members of the college football community.

The Dirk Nowitzki of Defensive Ends: Bjorn Werner.  Brent Musberger labeled Werner this in Week 3.  I’m still not sure what it means, but he sure as hell deserves this award.

Coach Who Didn’t Give a Crap the Most: Dabo Swinney.  He said it regarding Auburn’s pace of play, but pretty much the whole season he didn’t give a crap, and led Clemson to its best year in decades.

Best Name of the Year: Munchie Legeaux, Quarterback from Cincinatti.  Self explanatory.

Most Italian Name in College Football: Tino Sunseri, Quarterback from Pitt.  Following in his father’s footsteps (Sal Sunseri).

Best Andre 3000 Look-alike: Robert Griffin III.  This only came into play near the very end of the year, but some of us at Cole’s Gameday Blog have been saying it from the beginning.

The Joe Avezzano Award (coordinator who gets 300% more TV time than his head coach): Phil Bennett.  Brother of our highschool’s football coach, Jim Bennett, Phil could be seen roughly 20 feet out in front of Art Briles on the field any time there was a cut to the sideline during a Baylor game.  Typically he was wearing a bright yellow shirt, while his coach stood in the background unassumingly.

Worst football year for a state: Florida.  Lol.

Thanks for tuning in.  We’ll be updating the site occasionally during the offseason, but starting next fall we will be back in full swing.