2012 Season: First half report card time!

Well well well, its about the halfway point of the regular season, so I figured it was time to send report cards home to the parents of all our football experts below.  I’m issuing a 14 point curve for everyone, so adjust the scores below accordingly to get their letter grade.  I’ve only included experts with ten or more picks because who cares if someone is 2-0 for the season?  Not me, that’s who.  Lou Holtz is off to a surprise lead among those regularly picking every week.  However, there is a lot of football left to be played, and most years championships are won and dreams are crushed during bowl season, so this thing is far from over.  I expect these report cards to be signed and returned to my desk by 8AM Monday morning.  That especially includes you Brian Griese.  I don’t want to have another talk with Bob Griese about your performance, because Mark May is not a tough man to beat heads up picking games.  Enjoy.

Ryen Russillo: 12-2, 85.71% A+
Lou Holtz: 25-5, 83.33% A+
Tom Luginbill: 29-9, 76.32% A-
Pat Forde: 153-50, 75.37% B+
Brad Edwards: 12-4, 75% B+
Dari Nowkhah: 40-14, 74.07% B+
Mark Schlabach: 8-3, 72.73% B+
Colin Cowherd: 37-14, 72.55% B+
Jason Sehorn: 25-10, 71.43% B
Mel Kiper JR.: 15-6, 71.43% B
Kirk Herbstreit: 59-25, 70.24% B
David Pollack: 40-17, 70.18% B
Charlie Arbuckle: 9-4, 69.23% B-
Lee Corso: 55-25, 68.75% B-
Christian Fauria: 43-20, 68.25% B-
Mike Bellotti: 21-10, 67.74% B-
Jennifer’s Picks: 58-34, 63.04% C+
Trevor Matich: 25-15, 62.5% C+
Robert Smith: 41-25, 62.12% C+
Desmond Howard: 41-28, 59.42% C-
Danny Kanell: 13-9, 59.09% C-
Mark May: 21-15, 58.33% C-
Todd McShay: 8-8, 50% D
Brian Griese: 11-12, 47.83% F (just because… come on man)