Week 10 2012: Gameday review #saturdayselections

Its about noon here and we are in the middle of the morning slate of games, and that means we’ve put another edition of College Gameday in the record books.  Today the show was broadcasting live from Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the huge matchup  between #1 Alabama and #5 LSU.  While LSU has a ridiculous winning record at home (something like 36-1 in their last 37, forgive me if I’m wrong), it is the Alabama Crimson Tide who are about an 8 point favorite going on the road.  We opened this morning with Chris Fowler welcoming us to the show and doing some quick clerical duty running down the day’s schedule before handing off the hosting duties to Samantha Steele.  Samantha Steele tweeted this morning that she went to Chik-fil-a and witnessed a toddler fight in the playplace as well as a girl fight in the bathroom regarding Alabama.  Sounds about right for Baton Rouge.  Today her outfit was another FABULOUS one according to Jennifer.  She said she would like to have this shirt.  However, one must bring up the question: WHY ARE YOU WEARING WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY?  I MEAN COME ON, IS THIS AMATEUR HOUR?

Week 10: Samantha Steele

This morning we got a good bit of BCS Guru Brad Edwards breaking down potential scenarios based on future wins and losses.  He did a segment on both the early hour on ESPNU as well as the main show on ESPN later on.  He seemed to think that aside from Alabama, Kansas State is in the drivers’ seat as far as making the championship game (should everyone in the running win out).  The Big 12 is #1 in the computer rankings, so the KState strength of schedule is giving them the edge.  Notre Dame may have a pretty good resume on paper, but most of their tough games are behind them.  Oregon’s strength of schedule is peaking at the right time, but with Oregon State and USC losing, the Ducks winning out might not be enough to jump an undefeated Kansas State.  We are assuming a lot here.  Can’t wait to see how it ends up.

We got a replay of the De’anthony Thomas/Black Mamba/Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion piece from about a month ago as filler material this morning.  Snoop discovered Thomas at one of his football league games and gave him a nickname: The Black Mamba.  The best morning segment today for me was when David Pollack and Samantha Steele were joined by GIGANTIC HUMAN BEING TREVOR MATICH.  They were breaking down matchups between the defensive line and offensive line in todays’ games.  David Pollack looked terrified pretending to go up against someone the size of Trevor Matich.  Keep in mind that in the picture below David Pollack is 6’2”.

Trevor Matich: Large human being

Coming back from commercial we got some great video of local Louisiana residents doing whatever boat things they do in the swamp.  You can tell I know what I’m talking about here.  The highlight of this quick segment was footage of someone who they said was a former Louisiana Tech quarterback from a while back.  Seems about right.

Former La Tech QB

To close out the first hour on ESPNU, we got some picks from Desmond Howard and David Pollack.  They both went with Bama over LSU to some nice booing from the crowd.  You can generally tell how live the crowd is each week based on how much they boo these two.  As the main show kicked off on ESPN, Fowler and the crew sent Samantha Steele to the bus and David Pollack to use the internet and tweet at the rubes.  This week Pollack arrived to the internet in the Batmobile.  I wish it had been the 1960s Batmobile.

Pollack likes Batman, likes internet

Early on in the show we got a breakdown of the big game today: the Battle for Myron Claxton’s shoes.  They just couldn’t wait til the end of the show to break down the Occidental/Whittier matchup, and neither could I.  The predictions were unanimous with Corso, Herbie and Des all picking Whitter over Occidental.  I think that’s a solid pick.  Before we get to the signs of the day, I do have to ask the question: Where were the Alabama fans?  Every time they showed the crowd it seemed like a sea of yellow and purple.  Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I wonder what the crowd will look like for the game tonight.  Anyways, the highlights of the signage today include the LSU “If we lose do we get a re-do?” sign, the “Miles eats grass taller than Saban” sign, and the “Saban is a Keebler elf” sign.  Today’s runner up was the “Alabama claims Lance Armstrong’s Titles” sign.  This might have won, except that it  was too late.  Texas A&M already claimed those titles.

Sorry, A&M already claimed the titles

Today’s official sign of the day has to be the following, presented without comment once again.

Hint: Top Left

We got another piece of beatnik poetry from Tom Rinaldi quiet-talking about the deeper meanings of a loss.  He asked coaches about how they handle losses and how they eulogize them in the locker room after the game.  They said lots of things about not taking it out on the players, about moving forward, appreciating the wins, and how it can be like a death.  Tom Rinaldi summed it up by saying losing is worse than death because it happens more than once.  Alright then.

Beatnik Tom Rinaldi performing live

We also got a piece by Gene W. about Oregon’s Marcus Mariota.  Apparently he grew up wanting to go to USC, but that didn’t work out.  Instead, Chip Kelly offered him a scholarship to Oregon before Mariota ever even started a game.  His response to Chip’s offer was “are you sure?”  I’m not sure that is the response I would give to such an offer.  We also got a Bald Man on Campus with Scott Van Pelt featuring AJ McCarron.  Apparently when he was young he made a list of things he wanted to be as a grown up, including football player, fireman, and car man (whatever that is).  The highlight of this segment was that McCarron said that when Nick Saban comes down on you hard “you feel as small as him”.  Lol.

Sam Steele & Lolo Jones just because

But let’s get serious.  Its time to get down to the business at hand.  It is time for picks.  The experts are leaning 20 to 3 in favor of Alabama over LSU as of mid-day today.  The full slate of picks can be found HERE for your reference.  Today’s special guest celebrity is former LSU track star Lolo Jones who was brought in to see if she could top Ryan Lochte’s performance.  She had some delightful insight including saying she could beat Denard Robinson in a foot race.  Since Denard Robinson is out with an injury today, that’ll go nicely with the rest of her sprinting challenges to injured football players.  I mean, she already knows she could easily beat Eric Legrand.  Anyways, she had little to contribute to the football discussion other than picking Kansas State over Oklahoma State because they wear purple like LSU.  Des and Dave both went with Alabama, and Herbie joined them riding the Crimson Tide.  Would coach Corso go with the home crowd favorite in LSU, or the actual favorite Alabama?  He had Sweet Home Alabama pumped through the speakers as he went back and forth egging on the crowd.  He finally chose Alabama over LSU to an overwhelming boo.  As he donned the headgear, Herbie wasn’t quite as scared as he was of live animals, but he continues to be awkward each week leaning away from Corso.  Another great Gameday.  Enjoy your Saturday.

Alabama over LSU!
Herbie having fun!