Week 13 2012: Black Friday Picks!

Good evening everyone.  I know it is a little bit late, but I am here with an update on this blackest of all Fridays.  I know there were many of you camped out overnight on my front lawn waiting for me to open the doors this morning and get all of these special Black Friday picks, but things were delayed due to “real” work.  Anyways, here are the picks for Friday, and don’t worry.  We have plenty more in stock, so check back tomorrow as we continue celebrating Thanksgiving weekend.

Colin Cowherd:
ND over USC
Washington over Wash St
Ariz over Ariz St
Georgia over GaTech
Ohio St over Michigan
Oregon over Oregon St
Bama over Auburn
Florida over FSU
OU over Okla St
Stanford over UCLA
TAMU over Mizzou
S.Carolina over Clemson

Skip Bayless:
USC over ND

Todd McShay:
ND over USC

Scott Van Pelt:
Pitt over Rutgers

Mark Schlabach:
S.Carolina over Clemson (upset special)

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