2012-13 Bowl Season: Results & Champions!

We’ve had the boys down at the Gameday lab tallying picks, crunching numbers and doing things in labcoats and the results for the 2012-13 Bowl Season are finally in!  As with every year, there is some discretion used by our board of trustees (i.e. Me) as to who actually wins, and how to interpret the results.  First, our bowling results are below for your review presented in alphabetical order by first name:

Brad Edwards: 1-0
Charles Arbuckle: 1-0
Christian Fauria: 1-0
Colin Cowherd: 22-13
Dari Nowkhah: 1-0
Danny Kanell: 1-1
David Pollack: 3-4
Desmond Howard: 8-2
Ed Cunningham: 8-3
Ivan Maisel: 3-1
JA Adande: 1-0
Jackie MacMullan: 1-0
Jennifer’s Picks: 25-10
Jesse Palmer: 3-1
Kevin Carter: 7-3
Kirk Herbstreit: 5-3
Lee Corso: 7-3
Lou Holtz: 0-2
Mark May: 2-0
Mark Schlabach: 23-12
Matt Stinchcomb: 0-1
Mel Kiper Jr: 0-1
Michael Smith: 0-1
Mike Bellotti: 6-4
Mike Golic: 21-14
Mike Greenberg: 13-22
Pat Forde: 18-17
Robert Smith: 25-10
Ryen Russillo: 1-0
Scott Van Pelt: 1-0
Skip Bayless: 1-1
Stephen A. Smith: 1-0
Tim Cowlishaw: 5-3
Todd McShay: 21-14
Tom Luginbill: 6-4
Trevor Matich: 0-1
Urban Meyer: 0-1
Woody Paige: 1-0

While we have 30+ bowl pickers, we only have a few competitors who qualify for the championship due to the amount of games picked.  The eligible competitors are Colin Cowherd, Jennifer, Mark Schlabach, Mike & Mike, Pat Forde, Robert Smith and Todd McShay.  Each of them picked the full slate of bowl games, while everyone else just chimed in for a few games.  Before crowning a champion, let me also explain the curious case of one Todd McShay.  On this year’s Bowl Mania Special on ESPN, prior to any of the bowls kicking off, he picked all of the games with his confidence points.  In his picks from this special, he went 22-13.  On his ESPN.com Bowl Mania group, he picked a slightly different slate of games with a few being different, but also went 22-13 on his Bowl Mania group.  The reason he is being dropped to 21-14 in the official record is because on the Rose Bowl pregame show, he came on about ten minutes before kickoff and boldly declared that he was changing his mind and called for Wisconsin to upset Stanford.  Maybe you thought nobody would notice, but listen up McShay: I am here to hold you accountable.  Therefore, you will be entered into the record going 21-14 for all eternity.

One last piece of business before we crown our champion.  Please make sure to shame Mike Greenberg for going 13-22 on bowl picks.  That is an all-time low as far as I know, and he was the only person to have a losing record.  Now let us crown our champion… or should I say champions.  This year, Robert Smith and my girlfriend Jennifer both put up 25-10 records in picking Bowl Games, and thus they will be our first ever BOWL PICK’EM CO-CHAMPIONS!!!  Congratulations to the both of you.  Jennifer has already received her congratulatory fruit basket.  Robert Smith, if you are reading this, please be on the lookout for the congratulatory cheese platter I have sent you.  It was a great bowl season, and we will be back soon with the yearly results!

Jennifer: Bowl Champion
Jennifer: Bowl Co-Champion
Robert Smith: 2012-13 Bowl Champion
Robert Smith: Bowl Co-Champion