2013 Open Season!

Welcome back everyone.  In case you missed it, the 2013 season is officially open.  No no, the games haven’t started.  I’m talking about the other season.  The picks have started.  This year’s Golden Pick is in, where we honor the first pick issued by one of our experts.  Last year, it was a tweet from David Pollack that opened things up.  This year, we kick things off with a tweet from the one and only Kirk Herbstreit.

 @KirkHerbstreit: “@daskins_21: @KirkHerbstreitAny chance VT upsets Bama week 1?” Absolutely not!

THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS!  KIRK HERBSTREIT IS CALLING ALABAMA OVER VIRGINIA TECH!  Mark it down, and check back often.  We are going to be updating over the next few weeks with some fun editorials, analysis, and of course more picks as we get nearer to week 1 of the 2013 season.