2013-14 College Gameday Season Preview

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, children of all ages… one week from today I can confirm that the College Gameday boys will be COMIN’ TO YOUR CITAY!  And that means one thing and one thing only:  College Gameday Season Preview!  That’s right.  Lee, Kirk, Chris and Desmond sat around this morning making their bold picks for the season to come.  In case you missed it last year, they all did quite poorly with their preseason picks (don’t worry, we will be reviewing that this week for your pleasure).  As for this year?  Here’s how things are shaking out.  The guys all think that Texas A&M is better with one John “Football” Manziel.  Kirk and Des said 10 wins with, 8 wins without the Heisman trophy winner.  Lee said 10 wins with, 6 wins without.  They all had BIG years for Stanford predicting the Cardinal to win the Pac-12, and some of them predicting even bigger things!  Frankly, there weren’t a lot of big shocking predictions for this year.  Desmond Howard predicts Ohio State will not go undefeated, and also predicted Michigan will win the Big 10.  This would be shocking if he wasn’t the #1 Michigan homer on the planet, and the #1 Ohio State enemy.  Anyways, read up below for the full slate of picks.  Each one had a BOLD PREDICTION OF THE DAY which I have highlighted below, because these things are important.  We also welcome back Jennifer, who has not only decided to put up with this blog for another year, but actually verbally agreed to marry me during the offseason, so let us all rejoice.  Enjoy!

Lee Corso:
TAMU 10 wins w/ Johnny Football, 6 wins without
Ohio State *SHOULD* go undefeated, but WATCH OUT!
Penn St to win 8 games
Notre Dame to win 8 games, go to BCS Bowl Game
FSU over UNC in ACC
Texas to win Big 12, make BCS Bowl
Ohio St over Nebraska in Big 10
Stanford over USC in Pac 12
Bama over S.Carolina in SEC
Johnny Manziel to win Heisman
Stanford over Bama in BCS Championship
BOLD PREDICTION OF THE DAY: Oregon will miss Chip Kelly

Kirk Herbstreit:
TAMU 10 wins w/ Johnny Football, 8 wins without
Clemson over Miami in ACC
Okla St in Big 12
Ohio St over Mich St in Big 10
Stanford over USC in Pac 12
Bama over Georgia in SEC
Teddy Bridgewater to win Heisman
Bama over Ohio in BCS Championship
BOLD PREDICTION OF THE DAY: AJ McCarron to play a big role at Bama this year

Desmond Howard:
TAMU 10 Wins w/ Johnny Football, 8 Wins Without
Ohio State not undefeated
No Rose Bowl for Wisconsin
Miami over Clemson in ACC
OU in Big 12
Michigan over Ohio St in Big 10
Stanford over UCLA in Pac 12
LSU over S.Carolina in SEC
Marcus Mariota to win Heisman
LSU over Stanford in BCS Championsihp
BOLD PREDICTION OF THE DAY: Louisville will not play in the national championship game

Jennifer’s Picks:
Clemson to win ACC
Texas to win Big 12
Ohio St to win Big 10
Stanford to win Pac 12
Georgia over Bama in SEC
Braxton Miller to win Heisman
Georgia over Stanford in BCS Championship
Texas as this year’s sleeper to win the BCS Championship

3 thoughts on “2013-14 College Gameday Season Preview

  • Hey Cole, I’m a big fan. Does Jennifer hope, like me, for Chip Kelly’s NFL failure so that Texas can back up the money truck and follow the Alabama plan to get a top coach to replace Mac Brown?

    • Hi Mr. Ryan, I’m a big fan of yours too. Always impressed to hear that you read my blog while running a professional baseball team. I’ve forwarded your questions to Jennifer for further review so stay tuned for her breakdown of things.

    • I actually hope for Chip Kelly’s NFL failure because I immensely dislike the Eagles. But I think Mac Brown is on the way out if he doesn’t have a great season in the next couple of years, so if Texas can get Kelly after he spends a couple years failing in the NFL then more power to them. And then maybe being a Texas fan won’t be infinitely frustrating. Win-win.

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