Week 1 2013: Saturday afternoon updates!

The games are in full force this afternoon, but I wanted to take a moment to make a quick update for some more predictions.  First off I wanted to post my preseason predictions for this year since I forgot to join in on the fun last week.  So here it is, without further adieu, COLE’S 2013 PRESEASON PREDICTIONS AND GUESSES ABOUT OTHER THINGS THAT MIGHT HAPPEN IN THIS SEASON BROUGHT TO YOU BY COLE!!!

Samantha Ponder to change hair color at least once during season
Lee Corso to handle more than 4 live animals on set
Desmond Howard to pick Michigan every week
Lou Holtz to predict Notre Dame to win it all
Someone finally wins the Chris Fowler hundred dollar bill
SEC to backdoor their way into national championship game
David Pollack to wear a dress at least once this season
Todd McShay will look at the tape, tell us player X “has limited measurables but great intangibles”
Kliff Kingsbury will wear ridiculous sunglasses, start a hipster coaching trend
Bob Stoops to lose at least one bowl game
Les Miles to do at least one interview on Gameday from his baller-ass Tiger room
The Tom Rinaldi-Tebow memorial segment to be replaced by the Manziel scandal segment sponsored by TMZ

Billy the Cat
Billy the Cat

And now for a brand new weekly piece which we will feature this season, Gameday Picks with Billy the Cat!  This is Billy.  He is a cat.  He lives with us sometimes, and sometimes he lives elsewhere in our neighborhood.  It mostly depends on what house in the neighborhood feeds him the most.  He is also a big college football fan, and this year he is going to be picking the College Gameday Headgear Pick game to go toe-to-toe with Lee Corso to see once and for all who is more talented at picking big games: Lee Corso or a cat.  Each week, we will put down two bowls representing the teams, and release him into the living room, and whichever bowl he chooses is the team he picks.  This week, the bowls were filled, Billy was released, and he chose the red bowl representing his bold prediction of Georgia over Clemson.  Check back for Billy’s results (and all of the ESPN guys) in a couple days and we will see how things shake out this year.

Billy picks UGA over Clemson!
Billy picks UGA over Clemson!