Week 2: Picks with Billy the Cat

Billy the Cat

Billy the Cat

We’re back here at Cole’s Gameday Blog, and it is once again the time everyone has been waiting for: PICKS WITH BILLY THE CAT!  As a reminder, Billy the Cat is a semi-homeless cat who sometimes lives in our house, he is a huge college football fan, and will be picking games this year.  We will put out a bowl of food representing each team’s color, and whichever bowl he chooses to eat from first is his team for the week.  He is going to be picking the Gameday headgear pick each week against Lee Corso to find out once and for all who can pick big games better: Lee Corso or Billy the Cat.  Both guys went with Georgia over Clemson last week and started off 0-1.  Both of them went with Notre Dame over Michigan tonight, so either way they will stay tied.

Billy picks the Irish!

Billy picks the Irish!

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