Week 8 2013: Weekday picks! #saturdayselections

This week’s edition of weekday picks is a little late and a little short, but hang in there with me.  We are on vacation, and business will resume normal operations next week.  We will be back on the road tomorrow, doing our own road show, so picks may be delayed again, but don’t worry.  They will be here.  Anyways, here’s some picks from some guys you might know.

Colin Cowherd:
S.Carolina over Tennessee 28-23
Georgia over Vandy 37-30
Florida over Mizzou 27-23
TAMU over Auburn 44-27
Stanford over UCLA 36-26
Wash over Ariz St 30-24
Bama over Arkansas 37-13
LSU over Ole Miss 33-28
ND over USC 27-23
FSU over Clemson 33-30
Wisconsin over Illinois 43-23
Oregon over Wash St 44-20

Mike Bellotti:
Oregon over Wash St
Clemson over FSU

Robert Smith:
Clemson over FSU

Brad Edwards:
USC over ND

Dari Nowkhah:
Clemson over FSU

Mark Schlabach:
Wake Forest over Maryland (upset special)

Skip Bayless:
Clemson over FSU

Lou Holtz:
ND over USC
Florida over Mizzou
Stanford over UCLA
FSU over Clemson

Mark May:
USC over ND
Mizzou over Florida
UCLA over Stanford
FSU over Clemson

Ivan Maisel:
Oregon St over Cal

Kirk Herbstreit:
Bama over Arkansas

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