Week 9 2014: College Gameday review! #getup4gameday #cfb

Welcome back everyone.  The afternoon games are in full swing which means it is time for Cole’s College Gameday Review!   This week’s edition of Gameday was coming at you live from Baton Rouge, where we will see the big matchup between Ole Miss and the LSU Tigers.  Right out of the gate the celebration was started with a full pig being roasted immediately behind the Gameday stage, which led us to today’s Gameday Fun Fact!  Did you know that Desmond Howard doesn’t “eat swine”?  Now we know!

The rowdy crowd carried us through the show, which I can only attribute to the re-emergence of one DJ “Babi Mac”.  We have done extensive research here in the lab (i.e. Googled it and looked at the first link) to find out that this Babi Mac is actually former Tennessee Lady Vol Cait McMahan who was added to the Gameday mix for some reason.  However she ended up on Gameday, I still don’t get it.

With such a large and rowdy crowd today, we naturally had a few great signs.  Highlights include “Ole Miss Defense runs like Obamacare website”, “Katy Likes Two Corndogs at Once”, “Colonel Reb voted for Obama”, and of course “Bo Wallace is uncircumcised”.  However, today’s true winner was the sign which made a very brief, partially obscured appearance early on, reading “POOP BUTT>OLE MISS”.  Congratulations good sir or madame.

Week 9 Sign of the Week!

Week 9 Sign of the Week!

Following up that lovely performance, we will go straight into the Sam Ponder Outfit of the Week!  Jennifer complemented the outfit today, saying it was very cute.  She liked the shoes and jewelry especially.  Hey Sam Ponder, remember that if you’re reading this, please give a shoutout to your #1 fan, @GamedayJen.

Sam Ponder/George Whitfield, Week 9

Sam Ponder/George Whitfield, Week 9

You may have also noticed there is a quarterback guru pictured in the photo above.  George Whitfield was back with more outfit confusion, although it seems to be getting better (he must read this blog).  The jacket, while overly plaid, seems to fit better.  All Jennifer could say was “there’s those F’in brown shoes again”.  Keep working on it George.  All you need to do is try and improve a little each week.

We then saw a feature on the head coach from Wisconsin-Whitewater, Lance Liepold, who has reached 100 victories faster than anyone in college football history.  He has quite the impressive little record there at Whitewater, with 100 victories, 6 losses, and 5 national championships.  One more loss than national championship.  It seemed like a great little school with a great community surrounding him, so congratulations to Coach Liepold on his 100th victory.

Les Miles decided to join the show today, being interviewed by Sam Ponder.  The first highlight of this interview was the purple track suit Coach Miles was wearing (pictured below).  The second highlight was the corn dog discussion between Ponder and Miles.  Les Miles says: “I have never personally tried corn dogs before, but I suspect they taste good”.  This man is a true wordsmith.  He could be a poet.

Les Miles Track Suit

Les Miles Track Suit

Now it is time for the Desmond Howard Michigan Pick of the Week!  The Gameday boys were discussing this week’s big matchup between Michigan and Michigan State, and even had a nifty video montage of recent years between Michigan and “little brother” Michigan State.  Kirk and Lee both decided that they would go with Michigan State in today’s game, and asked Desmond who he thought would win this one.  He shuffled around nervously before declaring that he would be picking that game later on in the show.  I guess we will just have to wait, so mark that down.

The Gameday boys then re-assembled as a whole group including David for this week’s overly casual roundtable segment.  This week, our discussion centered around who the best one loss team in the country is and current playoff standings.  YEAH, BUT WHO IS IN YOUR TOP FOUR???

Gene W. had a piece on Utah kicker Andy Phillips.  Andy grew up as a skier, and even competed on the US junior national team.  He passed on Olympic hopes to fulfill his Mormon mission, only to return and decide he wanted to start playing football at the age of 20.  Yes, as in, never played football before he was 20.  He decided it would be cool to be a kicker, and practiced untold hours on his own time before making it on the Utah squad as a walk-on.  His first practices were the first time he ever wore pads, and he had to ask teammates about how to adjust his chin strap amongst other things.  A pretty nice little segment about a unique individual within our great sport.

The Chef of the Week returned this week, featuring chef Peter Sclafani III along with his trusty sidekick simply known as “Big Ruffin”.  It was a nice little spread, and “Big Ruffin” was pretty pleased with his own contribution of mini-corndogs.

Chef Sclafani and Big Ruffin

Chef Sclafani and Big Ruffin

Tom Rinaldi had a story about Bo Wallace.  Apparently we’ve all decided that this year Bo Wallace is pretty good.

Rinaldi also had a piece entitled “Halloween, 1959” about the 1959 matchup between LSU and Ole Miss.  Apparently Ole Miss was up 3-0 as time was winding down in the 4th quarter, when Billy Cannon returned a punt to seal the game 7-3 and also contribute to his Heisman winning season.  Rinaldi said that many players from that Ole Miss team have never gone back to LSU’s stadium since that night, but they are apparently gathering tonight to come back for such a monumental game.

Now it is time for everybody’s favorite part of the show, the picks!  Today’s celebrity guests were Jase Robertson and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty.  This was Willie Robertson’s second appearance as a guest picker as you may recall.  On this appearance, Jase seemed to be very up to date and knowledgable about current happenings in football, while Willie did nothing but call for upsets and pick against Jase.  Lee Corso went so far as to say he had run out of NOT-SO-FASTs for Willie.  However, when it came down to the business of the LSU game, Desmond went with LSU, as well as Jase and Willie both agreeing on the final game (in favor of LSU).  Lee Corso donned the Tiger headgear, and the crowd erupted.  Charley the Cat went with Ole Miss, so we have a chance to make up a game on Coach Corso today!

Corso takes LSU!

Corso takes LSU! (courtesy Gameday twitter)

Charley takes Ole Miss!

Charley takes Ole Miss!

Oh, we have time for an extra point today!  Remember when Desmond Howard ducked the Michigan/Michigan State pick early in the show?  Yeah, when he said he wouldn’t pick that one when they were breaking down the game because he would pick it later.  Well they never mentioned the game again, and Desmond Howard managed to avoid breaking his contractual agreement with the Wolverines by not picking against them on Gameday.  So let’s all bag on Desmond Howard for another week for being such a Michigan homer, and we will revisit this discussion next week!  Enjoy your football.

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