2014 Regular season standings! #cfb #cfbplayoff #bowlmania

With the close of the 2014 regular season yesterday, as noted by the completion of the Army/Navy game, it is time to get geared up for bowl season.  I thought I would post a quick regular season standings post so we can all see where everyone stands for the year.  Bowl season can change everything, just like that professor you had that one semester who said the final exam counted for half of your grade.  With 38 bowl games coming up, that is like cramming 3 average weeks of picks for most of our pickers, so it can make or break a season for anyone bold enough to pick all 38 games and share them with their adoring public.  We will be posting GAMEDAY COLE’S BIG BOWL BOARD of any and all picks we find for anyone preparing your bowl pick’em entry and those of you who need to bag on Kirk Herbstreit some more (which judging by Twitter is a LOT of you).  Anyways, here’s the rankings.  More stuff will come out soon.

2014-15 Season Right-Wrong % Correct
Brett McMurphy 55-18 75.34%
Colin Cowherd 99-35 73.88%
David Pollack 62-22 73.81%
Lou Holtz 45-16 73.77%
Jason Sehorn 53-19 73.61%
Greg McElroy 69-25 73.40%
Phil Steele 164-63 72.25%
Robert Smith 44-18 70.97%
Jon Berger 49-21 70.00%
Tim Tebow 46-20 69.70%
Marcus Spears 46-20 69.70%
Danny Kanell 40-18 68.97%
Pat Forde 266-120 68.91%
Paul Finebaum 48-23 67.61%
Lee Corso 113-56 66.86%
Kevin Carter 64-33 65.98%
Desmond Howard 116-61 65.54%
Booger McFarland 43-23 65.15%
Mel Kiper Jr. 39-21 65.00%
Dari Nowhkah 40-23 63.49%
Chris Fallica 54-32 62.79%
Jennifer 109-65 62.64%
Todd McShay 23-14 62.16%
Celebrity Guests 92-59 60.93%
Kirk Herbstreit 101-66 60.48%
Trevor Matich 34-23 59.65%
Mark May 28-25 52.83%

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