2014-15 Season results & champion! #cfb #cfbplayoff

The 2014-15 college football season has come to a close, and with it the season here at Gamedaycole.com closes with it.  It was one of the most exciting seasons we’ve seen both on the field and on the blog, so let’s dive right into this season’s results.  All of the qualifying competitors this year (with 50+ picks on the season) are the following:

2014-15 Season Right-Wrong % Correct
Brett McMurphy 56-20 73.68%
Lou Holtz 53-19 73.61%
Jason Sehorn 53-19 73.61%
Colin Cowherd 102-39 72.34%
Greg McElroy 71-27 71.72%
Phil Steele 185-80 69.81%
David Pollack 64-29 68.82%
Robert Smith 69-32 68.32%
Marcus Spears 48-23 67.61%
Danny Kanell 48-23 67.61%
Tim Tebow 47-23 67.14%
Jon Berger 51-25 67.11%
Lee Corso 118-59 66.67%
Pat Forde 283-142 66.59%
Stanford Steve Coughlin 73-38 65.77%
Mel Kiper Jr. 41-22 65.08%
Desmond Howard 120-68 63.83%
Booger McFarland 44-25 63.77%
Paul Finebaum 50-29 63.29%
Kevin Carter 65-38 63.11%
Chris Fallica 64-39 62.14%
Celebrity Guests 93-59 61.18%
Dari Nowhkah 40-26 60.61%
Jennifer 129-84 60.56%
Kirk Herbstreit 109-75 59.24%
Todd McShay 43-33 56.58%
Trevor Matich 37-29 56.06%
Mark May 28-27 50.91%
Brett McMurphy: 2014-15 Champion
Brett McMurphy: 2014-15 Champion

That means the man with the legendary mustache and legendary picking skills, Brett McMurphy, is your 2014-15 Gamedaycole.com season champion!  Mark May came up on the short end of the stick, which I’m sure will amuse many of you.  Going into bowl season, it was looking like our new buddies from the SEC Network were going to run away with this year’s championship along with Stanford Steve Coughlin.  However, a disastrous bowl season doomed all of them to mediocrity, leaving Brett McMurphy as one left standing (barely edging out a great season by Lou Holtz and Jason Sehorn).

Lee Corso’s headgear picks went 13-5 on the year (technically 14-5 with his espn.com EWU pick against SHSU), which means Corso’s headgear picks edged out Charley the Cat’s picks at 11-7 on the year.  Better luck next year Charley.

Our greatest week of the season goes to Phil Steele, who in week 5 went a stunning 15-0 on the week.

The best pick of the year will be shared by Desmond Howard, Mark May, Jennifer, and the Oregon Duck, who all picked Virginia Tech to beat THE Ohio State Buckeyes in week 2.  It was shocking when it happened, and makes even less sense looking back, so congratulations to all of you.

Conversely, let’s give Desmond Howard the worst pick of the year, taking Oregon State to beat Oregon in rivalry week.

Desmond Howard picked against Michigan twice this season, going 1-1 against his Wolverines.  He also picked in favor of Michigan 7 times this season, going an impressive 2-5 with his home team.

That will wrap things up for the 2014-15 season here.  Who knows, maybe this will be the year I actually post something in the offseason?