Week 4 2016: College football picks from Phil Steele! #CFB #CFBPicks

Welcome back everyone.  This week we are getting things started with some picks from everyone’s favorite: Phil Steele.  His computer/brain have started putting out a weekly podcast this year every Wednesday where he takes calls and tweets answering questions on any and all games the listeners submit.  You can hear the full episode by going to philsteele.com or listening here http://tinyurl.com/h4baqy6

He also shows up on the ESPNU Championship Drive Podcast, the Behind the Bets podcast, and more radio appearances than the laws of physics should allow, so I will be updating this post with any new picks I hear.

Mich St over Wisconsin (by 4 to 7 points)
LSU over Auburn (by a touchdown)
Clemson over GT (by 4-7 pts)
Indiana over Wake Forest (by 10 points)
Boise St over Oregon St
W.Michigan over Georgia Southern (by two touchdowns)
MTSU over LaTech
Connecticut over Syracuse
Michigan over Penn St (closer than expected)
Memphis over BGSU (by 3 touchdowns)
WVU over BYU (Close, by less than a touchdown)
Louisville over Marshall (by 17 to 21 points)
Ole Miss over Georgia (by 10-14 points)
Tennessee over Florida (by more than 7 points)
FSU over USF
Alabama over Kent St (by about 42)
Baylor over Okla St
Kentucky over S.Carolina
TCU over SMU (by about 24)
UNLV over Idaho
Ole Miss-7 vs Georgia
Marshall+26 vs Louisville
Tennessee-6.5 vs Florida
Iowa-13 vs Rutgers
Michigan vs Penn St over 57
Penn St+18 vs Michigan
W.Michigan-7 vs Georgia Southern
Kentucky-2 vs S.Carolina
TCU-21.5 vs SMU
UNLV-14.5 vs Idaho

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