2016-17 #BowlMania: Danny Kanell’s Big Board!

Fresh off the presses we’d like to present to you Danny Kanell’s Big Board from the Bowl Mania Special on 12/11/2016!


40. Pitt over NW
39. AF over S.Alabama
38. Stanford over UNC
37. Utah over Indiana
36. Boise St over Baylor
35. Tulsa over C.Michigan
34. BYU over Wyoming
33. Wisconsin over W.Michigan
32. Army over UNT
31. Houston over SDSU
30. Vanderbilt over NC St
29. CSU over Idaho
28. WVU over Miami FL
27. UCF over Ark St
26. Miss St over Mia OH
25. Colorado over Ok St
24. Temple over Wake Forest
23. USC over Penn St
22. USF over S.Carolina
21. Memphis over WKU
20. Alabama over Washington
19. MTSU over Hawaii
18. Ohio over Troy
17. LSU over Louisville
16. New Mexico over UTSA
15. E.Michigan over Old Dom
14. Tennessee over Nebraska
13. Georgia over TCU
12. FSU over Michigan
11. GT over Kentucky
10. Wash St over Minnesota
9. Auburn over OU
8. Clemson over Ohio St
7. App St over Toledo
6. KState over TAMU
5. LaTech over Navy
4. Southern Miss over UL-Lafayette
3. Iowa over Florida
2. BC over Maryland
1. Arkansas over VT

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