Week 2 2017: #CFB Picks from Phil Steele!

Week 2 is upon us and Wednesday afternoon means Phil Steele’s Strong as Steele podcast is out with the hottest picks of the week.  Check out the full podcast for in-depth analysis on all of these games and go make that money.

Phil Steele:
ND over Georgia (by about a TD)
Minnesota over Oregon St
USF over UConn (by a couple TD)
Louisville over UNC
Alabama over Fresno St (by 35 to 42)
Wash St over Boise St (by about 14)
Penn St over Pitt
Okla St over S. Alabama
BC over Wake Forest
Michigan over Cinci
FSU over UL-Monroe
Wisconsin over FAU
USC over Stanford (by 3)
Ohio St over OU
Mich St over W.Mich (by a touchdown)
ND-4.5 vs Georgia
Minnesota+2 vs Oregon St
UConn+17.5 vs USF
UNC+10 vs Louisville
Fresno St+43.5 vs Alabama
Auburn vs Clemson under 54
Wash St-10 vs Boise St
Penn St-21 vs Pitt
Okla St-28 vs S.Alabama
FSU-34 vs UL-Monroe
Michigan-34 vs Cinci
Stanford+6.5 vs USC

3 responses

  1. Great site!

  2. Oh come on, Phil! No Ole Miss love??

    1. Ill bring this up next time I talk to him

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