Week 4 2017: ATS #CFB picks from Stanford Steve & Chris Fallica!

Here it is folks.  Wednesday night means I’ve had time to listen to the Behind the Bets podcast and digest it as best as I could.  Stanford Steve ran through a bunch of his picks with no analysis and no lines, so I took the consensus lines from today as his picks.  Take it or leave it.  Be sure to listen to the full podcast for the full details (especially if you’re putting money down based on what I post) because some picks seemed vague.  Plus their podcast is awesome, and Russillo makes a guest appearance this week to bring some muscle to the show.

Stanford Steve Coughlin:
TCU+13 vs Okla St
Georgia vs Miss St under 48.5
UCF vs Maryland over 62
NC St+13 vs FSU
VT vs Old Dom over 58.5
SDSU-3.5ish vs AF (didn’t give a spread)
Arkansas-2.5ish vs TAMU (didn’t give a spread)
Ariz St+15.5 vs Oregon
Duke vs UNC over 66
Stanford vs UCLA under 62.5
UVA ML vs Boise St

Chris Fallica:
Stanford over UCLA
TCU over Okla St under 71
Georgia-5 vs Miss St
Arizona+3.5 vs Utah
Kansas+22.5 vs WVU
Alabama-18.5 vs Vanderbilt
Ohio+2 vs E.Michigan
Kentucky ML vs Florida