Week 8 2017: #CFB Plays from Rufus Peabody!

Rufus Peabody’s week 8 podcast is out with his college plays this week.  He gave out more plays this week, which I think is funny because it seems like a pure math guy who is struggling is doubling down to get even.  I don’t doubt his plays are still +EV but it made me chuckle.  The lines have already moved since he made his plays, but maybe this will give you some guidance on your rooting interests this weekend.

FAU-3 vs UNT
Miami-15 vs Syracuse
TCU-37.5 vs Kansas
LT-1.5 vs S.Miss
Oregon+6.5ish vs UCLA (didn’t specify spread)
Texas+7.5 vs Okla St
FSU-6.5 vs Louisville