Week 1 2018: #CollegeFootball picks from Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica & Stanford Steve!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The picks are in from the Behind the Bets podcast featuring Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica and Stanford Steve Coughlin!  Below I have included their official picks only.  Lines have moved already, so consult your local bookmaker for the latest odds.  They both said they’d take Notre Dame PK vs Michigan if they had to bet it, but that isn’t an official pick.  Listen to the whole podcast for the full analysis.

Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica:

Year Week Date Pick
2018 2 9/1/18 Coastal Carolina+29.5 vs South Carolina
2018 2 9/1/18 UNLV+26.5 vs Southern California
2018 2 9/1/18 Ohio State-38.5 vs Oregon State
2018 2 9/1/18 Tennessee+9.5 vs West Virginia
2018 2 9/1/18 Wyoming+1.5 vs Washington State

Stanford Steve Coughlin:

Year Week Date Pick
2018 2 9/1/18 Nebraska vs Akron over 54.5
2018 2 9/1/18 Alabama vs Louisville over 60.5
2018 2 9/1/18 Oklahoma vs Florida Atlantic over 68.5
2018 2 9/1/18 Texas vs Maryland over 57
2018 2 9/1/18 Massachusetts+18.5 vs Boston College



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