Week 3 2018: #CFB ATS picks with Chris Fallica & Stanford Steve!

Here it is ladies and gents.  This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The week 3 picks from Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica and Stanford Steve Coughlin are out.  This week’s podcast swerved a little bit and it was hard to keep track of which picks were official and which picks weren’t.  The Purdue pick for both guys may or may not be official, and I did my best to interpret their official picks, but take these picks for what they’re worth and use them at your own risk.  Lines have moved already but this should tell you where these two stand on the games.  As always, listen to the full podcast if you really need the details.

Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica:

Date Pick
9/15/18 Pittsburgh+4.5 vs Georgia Tech
9/15/18 Army-6 was Hawaii
9/15/18 Louisiana-Monroe+27 vs Texas A&M
9/15/18 Miami (OH)+13.5 vs Minnesota
9/15/18 Purdue+7 vs Missouri
9/15/18 Utah+6.5 vs Washington

Stanford Steve Coughlin:

Date Pick
9/15/18 Syracuse+3 vs Florida State
9/15/18 Purdue+7 vs Missouri
9/15/18 Old Dominion-1 vs Charlotte
9/15/18 Texas-3 vs Southern California
9/15/18 Louisville-21 vs Western Kentucky
9/15/18 Louisville vs Western Kentucky over 57.5