Week 5 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Chris Fallica & Stanford Steve!

Hello everyone.  The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. The picks are in from celebrity superstars Chris Fallica and Stanford Steve Coughlin via their Behind the Bets podcast.  At the end of the podcast the Bear gave out Wyoming “plus the big number” (17ish) vs Boise State, but it wasn’t clear that this was an official pick.  I’ll know later today when their article on ESPN Chalk comes out.

Just a little note because I have been asked about this a lot recently:  I only post the picks from the Behind the Bets podcast; not ESPN Chalk.  Stanford Steve has made it clear on the podcast that his official picks for tracking purposes are in the ESPN Chalk article put out on Thursdays.  Sometimes the guys pick more or less games in the official Chalk article, and sometimes lines move by the time the Chalk article drops.  I grade the official picks on the Chalk article in my records, but I don’t post the Chalk picks because it is their paid content.  So on Sunday if you notice their weekly records don’t add up to these picks below, that is probably why.

Chris Fallica:

Date Pick
9/29/18 Connecticut+17 vs Cincinnati
9/29/18 San Jose State+12.5 vs Hawaii
9/29/18 California+2.5/3 vs Oregon
9/29/18 Fresno State-7.5 vs Toledo

Stanford Steve Coughlin:

Date Pick
9/29/18 Air Force-6.5 vs Nevada
9/29/18 Penn State vs Ohio State under 71.5
9/29/18 Purdue vs Nebraska over 57.5
9/29/18 Southern California-3.5 vs Arizona
9/29/18 Syracuse+25 vs Clemson
9/29/18 Temple+13.5 vs Boston College