Week 5 2018: #WINNERS from your boy Scott Van Pelt!

Here’s the week 5 WINNERS from your boy Scott Van Pelt.  Lines are moving so get these numbers (or the closest you can find) while they’re still out there.

Date Pick
9/29/18 Arkansas+21 vs Texas A&M
9/29/18 Iowa State+10.5 vs TCU
9/29/18 Louisiana Tech+7 vs North Texas
9/29/18 Northwestern+14.5 vs Michigan
9/29/18 Penn State+3 vs Ohio State
9/29/18 California+1.5 vs Oregon
9/29/18 Nebraska+3.5 vs Purdue
9/29/18 Kansas State+8.5 vs Texas
9/29/18 Texas Tech+3.5 vs West Virginia