Week 7 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Bruce Feldman!

Here’s the week 7 picks from Bruce Feldman.  I got them free on the Athletic App so you can too if you want his full analysis.

Date Pick
10/13/18 Texas-14 vs Baylor
10/13/18 Central Florida-4.5 vs Memphis
10/13/18 LSU+7.5 vs Georgia
10/13/18 Virginia+6.5 vs Miami (FL)
10/13/18 Penn State-13.5 vs Michigan State
10/13/18 Ohio State-29.5 vs Minnesota
10/13/18 Missouri+28 vs Alabama
10/13/18 Notre Dame-21 vs Pittsburgh
10/13/18 Texas A&M-2 vs South Carolina
10/13/18 UCLA+7 vs California
10/13/18 Oregon+3.5 vs Washington
10/13/18 Michigan-8.5 vs Wisconsin

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