Week 8 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Phil Steele!

Welcome back ladies and gents.  We are back for podcast Wednesday with Phil Steele’s week 8 picks via the Behind the Bets podcast with Doug Kezirian.  I’m not sure if the Oregon pick was an official play, so we’ll see if he mentions it again on Campus Conversation or anywhere else before ruling it official.  They talked some other games, half lines, totals and more so listen to the whole thing if you want some great analysis.  I’ll update between now and Saturday if he puts out any more plays to the public.

Date Pick
10/20/18 Auburn  -3 vs Mississippi
10/20/18 Temple  -3 vs Cincinnati
10/20/18 Missouri  -9.5 vs Memphis
10/20/18 Michigan  -7 vs Michigan State
10/20/18 North Carolina + 9 vs Syracuse
10/20/18 Clemson  -17.5 vs North Carolina State
10/20/18 Oregon + 3 vs Washington State
10/20/18 Southern California + 6.5 vs Utah

I’m adding the following picks from the Campus Conversation podcast today:

Date Pick
10/20/18 Marshall+3 vs Florida Atlantic
10/20/18 Iowa-9 vs Maryland
10/20/18 Ohio State-13 vs Purdue

The following picks have been added from his Inside the Pressbox preview this week, including his RED HOT FCS picks!

Date Pick
10/20/18 East Carolina + 21.5 vs Central Florida
10/20/18 Wisconsin  -24.5 vs Illinois
10/20/18 Tulane  -6.5 vs SMU
10/20/18 Florida State  -10 vs Wake Forest
10/20/18 Western Michigan  -4 vs Central Michigan
10/20/18 Bucknell + 9.5 vs Lafayette
10/20/18 Monmouth + 11.5 vs Campbell