Week 9 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Phil Steele!

The Week 9 edition of the Behind the Bets podcast with Doug Kezirian just dropped, and that means it is time for Phil Steele’s first weekly appearance on the blog.  He gave out his five official picks, but then tacked on the Florid and Iowa plays when Doug asked for his take on those games.  As always, listen to the full thing before investing in these plays.  I will be updating this post with any other picks I get from Phil Steele via the Campus Conversation podcast, his Inside the Pressbox preview (if he releases one), or any other places he shows up this week.  Check back for the latest picks and plays.

Date Pick
10/27/18 Florida + 7 vs Georgia
10/27/18 Western Kentucky + 3.5 vs FIU
10/27/18 Iowa + 6.5 vs Penn State
10/27/18 Kansas State + 25 vs Oklahoma
10/27/18 North Carolina + 9.5 vs Virginia
10/27/18 Oregon  -9.5 vs Arizona
10/27/18 Louisville  -2.5 vs Wake Forest

Updated with 3 picks from the Campus Conversation Podcast:

Date Pick
10/27/18 Texas  -3.5 vs Oklahoma State
10/27/18 Texas A&M + 2 vs Mississippi State
10/27/18 Stanford  -3 vs Washington State

Updated with picks from Phil Steele’s Inside the Pressbox preview:

Date Pick
10/27/18 Air Force + 9.5 vs Boise State
10/27/18 Maryland  -17 vs Illinois
10/27/18 Kentucky + 7 vs Missouri
10/27/18 Syracuse + 2 vs North Carolina State
10/27/18 Charleston Southern + 23.5 vs Kennesaw State
10/27/18 Colgate  -24.5 vs Georgetown

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