Week 10 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica & Stanford Steve!

Good evening everyone.  I hope you’re having a wonderful Halloween night.  I just finished up with the Stanford Steve & The Bear podcast and here’s the picks as I understood them.  The gentlemen threw around a LOT of games where they were on the fence about whether to give them out or not.  It was difficult to tell whether some were official or not.  Stanford Steve never gives out this many official picks, so some of these are probably not official in regards to his ESPN Chalk column.  Please listen to the podcast yourself if you’re looking to invest in these picks to be sure.  Anyways, here’s the picks.

Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica:

Date Pick
11/3/18 UNLV + 25.5 vs Fresno State
11/3/18 Louisiana Tech + 23.5 vs Mississippi State
11/3/18 Missouri + 6 vs Florida
11/3/18 Texas Tech + 13.5 vs Oklahoma
11/3/18 Baylor + 8 vs Oklahoma State
11/3/18 Michigan  -10.5 vs Penn State

Stanford Steve:

Date Pick
11/3/18 Tulsa vs Connecticut Over 59
11/3/18 Iowa State  -14.5 vs Kansas
11/3/18 East Carolina vs Memphis Over 64.5
11/3/18 Navy + 13.5 vs Cincinnati
11/3/18 Ohio State  -17.5 vs Nebraska
11/3/18 South Carolina  PK vs Mississippi
11/3/18 Oregon State vs Southern California Over 61

2 thoughts on “Week 10 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica & Stanford Steve!

  • Stanford Steve usually makes 4 picks, right? And he doesn’t usually do totals, right? Since there are 4 non-total picks, maybe those are his official picks? What do you think? Thanks for aggregating all these picks every week. Really helpful.

    • He usually has 4 or 5 official picks each week. The picks I post are the ones they give out on the podcast, but he has made it clear his official picks are in his ESPN Chalk column each week. My post each week is strictly for informational purposes. I grade them based on the official picks on ESPN Chalk but don’t post them because they are insider content. Thanks for reading each week.


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