Week 10 2018: #CFB Picks/ w Phil Steele!

Let’s get week 10 started with some picks from Phil Steele.  He appeared on the Behind the Bets podcast with Doug Kezirian today (Wednesday) and gave out the following picks. He also advised you stay away from Georgia/Kentucky.  They talked some other games as well, so check out the full podcast if you want the details.  I will update with any other picks he gives out this week so be sure to check back.

Date Pick
11/3/18 Alabama  -14.5 vs LSU
11/3/18 Louisiana-Monroe + 7.5 vs Georgia Southern
11/3/18 Marshall  -3 vs Southern Miss
11/3/18 Michigan State  -2 vs Maryland
11/3/18 Florida  -6 vs Missouri
11/3/18 Oklahoma  -13.5 vs Texas Tech
11/3/18 Texas A&M + 4.5 vs Auburn
11/3/18 Oregon  -10 vs UCLA
11/1/18 Ohio  -2 vs Western Michigan

The following picks are from his Inside the Pressbox preview he put out Friday:

Date Pick
11/3/18 East Carolina + 14 vs Memphis
11/3/18 Notre Dame  -10 vs Northwestern
11/3/18 San Jose State + 14 vs Wyoming
11/3/18 Syracuse  -6.5 vs Wake Forest
11/3/18 Princeton  -7 vs Dartmouth
11/3/18 Jacksonville University + 1.5 vs Butler University


2 responses

  1. Hey, is it possible to also get Dusty Dvoracek and Scott Spreitzers picks as well? Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Check this out for Dusty Dvoracek’s week 10 picks:

      I’ll have some picks up Saturday morning from Scott Spreitzer via Dari & Mel’s radio show.


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