Week 11 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Phil Steele!

Here’s the week 11 picks from Phil Steele via the Behind the Bets podcast.  I’ll be updating if he gives out more picks on Campus Conversation, Inside the Pressbox preview, or any other appearances I come across.  He said he has Ohio State winning by 7 (line is 3.5) but it isn’t one of his plays this week.  Georgia wasn’t one of his official picks, but when asked by Doug about the game said he’d side with Georgia so I marked it down.

Date Pick
11/10/18 Georgia  -14 vs Auburn
11/10/18 Boston College + 20 vs Clemson
11/10/18 Nebraska vs Illinois Over 68
11/10/18 Texas A&M  -11.5 vs Mississippi
11/10/18 Cincinnati  -14 vs South Florida
11/10/18 Florida Atlantic  -20 vs Western Kentucky

Adding the following picks from the Campus Conversation podcast:

Date Pick
11/10/18 Southern California  -5 vs California
11/10/18 Ohio State  -3.5 vs Michigan State
11/10/18 Oklahoma  -20.5 vs Oklahoma State

The following picks are added from his Inside the Pressbox preview from week 11, including two FCS picks.  If you are paying attention at home, he has been spitting hot fire with the FCS picks this season.

Date Pick
11/10/18 Pittsburgh  -3 vs Virginia Tech
11/10/18 Eastern Washington + 3 vs California-Davis
11/10/18 Stony Brook  -3.5 vs Delaware

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