Week 12 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Phil Steele!

Here’s the week 12 picks from Phil Steele via the Behind the Bets podcast with Doug Kezirian.  They talked a lot more games than this and gave out leans on a lot of games so listen to the podcast if you’re wondering about a particular game.  The 5 “official” games from Phil were Minnesota, Miss/Vandy over, Wazzu, Iowa, and Miami, but he was very strong on the UNLV and ECU picks so I’m counting them.  He gave out Minnesota+2 but it was -1 when I checked this afternoon so that must have moved quite a bit since they recorded.  Do what you want with that one.

As always I will be updating with more picks if he gives them out on the Campus Conversation podcast, the Inside the Pressbox preview, or anywhere else I find him picking games.

Date Pick
11/17/18 Washington State  -9.5 vs Arizona
11/17/18 East Carolina  -17 vs Connecticut
11/17/18 Iowa  -14.5 vs Illinois
11/17/18 Miami (FL)  -5.5 vs Virginia Tech
11/17/18 Vanderbilt vs Mississippi Over 66.5
11/17/18 UNLV + 6.5 vs Hawaii
11/17/18 Minnesota + 2 vs Northwestern

The following picks have been added from today’s Campus Conversation podcast:

Date Pick
11/17/18 Texas  -3 vs Iowa State
11/17/18 Nebraska + 2.5 vs Michigan State
11/17/18 Pittsburgh  -7 vs Wake Forest
11/17/18 Southern California  -3.5 vs UCLA
11/17/18 Stanford  -2 vs California
11/17/18 Wisconsin + 4.5 vs Purdue

The following picks have been added from his Phil Steele Plus preview for week 12:

Date Pick
11/17/18 Auburn  -28.5 vs Liberty
11/17/18 Lamar + 1.5 vs McNeese
11/17/18 Davidson College + 1.5 vs Butler University