Week 13 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Phil Steele (and Doug Kezirian)!

Week 13 rolls along with Phil Steele’s picks via the Behind the Bets podcast with Doug Kezirian.  His five official picks were BYU, Texas A&M, TCU, Memphis and Virginia.  He explicitly agreed with Doug Kezirian about Michigan, Notre Dame, Miss State, and then said his computer projects the WVU/OU total around 92 so he likes the over.  I’m counting them all for the record.

As always I will be updating with any other picks Phil gives out on podcasts, radio shows, Phil Steele Plus preview, or anywhere else I find him.

Phil Steele on Behind the Bets:

Date Pick
11/24/18 BYU + 13.5 vs Utah
11/24/18 Texas A&M  -2.5 vs LSU
11/24/18 Michigan  -4 vs Ohio State
11/24/18 Notre Dame  -10.5 vs Southern California
11/24/18 TCU + 5 vs Oklahoma State
11/23/18 Memphis  -7 vs Houston
11/23/18 West Virginia vs Oklahoma Over 83.5
11/23/18 Virginia  -3.5 vs Virginia Tech
11/22/18 Mississippi State  -10.5 vs Mississippi

Doug Kezirian talked some games and said he’s definitely giving out Mississippi State-10.5 in the Egg bowl, but is deciding on his other official picks.  He said he likes Notre Dame-10.5, Michigan-4, and Kentucky but didn’t give a line.

The following two picks have been added from this week’s Campus Conversation podcast:

Date Pick
11/24/18 Boston College  -7 vs Syracuse
11/23/18 Central Florida  -14 vs South Florida

The following two picks have been added from his Phil Steele Plus week 13 preview.

Date Pick
11/24/18 Georgia Southern  -10.5 vs Georgia State
11/24/18 Nicholls State  -14 vs San Diego