Week 13 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Stanford Steve & Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica! #RivalryWeek

Welcome back everyone.  It is now the time you’ve been waiting all week for.  Stanford Steve & The Bear have released their weekly podcast with the picks you have been needing.  The picks they gave out at the end on the Big Mike Happy Recap are below, but as always I grade them based on their official ESPN Chalk picks.  Listen to the full podcast below for the full breakdown on a ton of games on top of these picks.

Week 13 Bear’s Bank:

Date Pick
11/24/18 Arizona + 2 vs Arizona State
11/24/18 Florida State + 8 vs Florida
11/24/18 Utah State + 2.5 vs Boise State

Chris Fallica:

Date Pick
11/24/18 Florida State + 6.5 vs Florida
11/24/18 Maryland + 13 vs Penn State
11/24/18 Indiana + 4 vs Purdue
11/24/18 Utah State + 3 vs Boise State
11/24/18 Louisiana Tech  -10.5 vs Western Kentucky

Stanford Steve:

Note: Steve tacked on Arizona State at the end of the Big Mike Happy Recap, then said Ohio State/Michigan under and Ohio State in the game “for ha-has”.  Do what you’d like with that.

Date Pick
11/24/18 Arizona State  -2 vs Arizona
11/24/18 Ohio State vs Michigan Under 56.5
11/24/18 Ohio State + 4 vs Michigan
11/24/18 Notre Dame  -10.5 vs Southern California
11/24/18 Vanderbilt  -3.5 vs Tennessee
11/23/18 Cincinnati vs East Carolina Over 50.5
11/23/18 Oklahoma  -2.5 vs West Virginia
11/23/18 Virginia  -4 vs Virginia Tech
11/23/18 Washington + 2.5 vs Washington State
11/22/18 Mississippi vs Mississippi State Over 59