2019-20 Preseason: #CFB Season win totals from Daily Wager (Stanford Steve, The Bear, Doug Kezirian)

I posted these on Twitter late last night but wanted to throw them on here as well.  Yesterday on the Daily Wager Doug Kezirian had Stanford Steve and Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica on to give out some season win totals.  If you’re into this wagering thing you’ve got to start watching this thing.  I’m not sure it is possible to pack more gambling coverage into an hour long show, and I never thought I’d see the day it was on ESPN.  Stanford Steve and the Bear look like they’ll be playing a big role on this show so set your DVRs accordingly.

Two totals from Stanford Steve; two from the Bear; one from Doug Kezirian.  Enjoy.

Chris Fallica: Florida under 9 wins


Stanford Steve: LSU over 9 winsIMG_3981

Chris Fallica: Utah under 9.5 winsIMG_3980

Doug Kezirian: Michigan State over 8 winsIMG_3979

Stanford Steve: Iowa State over 8 winsIMG_3978

3 responses

  1. Hi!
    I’m doing some wagering for a friend who doesn’t have internet access, and I’ve subscribed to ESPN+ . I can’t find the place where Stanford Steve posts his picks each week, somehow I found it last year. I keep searching “ESPN Chalk column Stanford Steve” and everything else I can think of. Is there an easy way to find it?

    1. They haven’t posted weekly picks yet. They will start next week probably. It will usually be posted on ESPN Chalk on Wednesdays or Thursdays. But if you listen to the Stanford Steve and the Bear podcast each week they give out their picks there too.

      1. excellent, thanks!

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