Week 1 2019: #CFB Picks w/ Phil Steele!

Phil Steele was on with Doug Kezirian on the Behind the Bets podcast today and gave out the following picks.  Be sure to listen to the full thing to get all that great gambling analysis and Phil’s reasoning behind these plays because it is always great.

Phil Steele:

Date Pick
8/31/19 Florida State  -4.5 vs Boise State
8/31/19 Louisiana + 20 vs Mississippi State
8/31/19 Michigan  -34 vs MTSU
8/31/19 New Mexico State + 31.5 vs Washington State
8/31/19 Toledo + 12 vs Kentucky

Week 1 2019: #CFB Picks w/ Stanford Steve and the Bear Chris Fallica!

Stanford Steve and the Bear put out their week 1 podcast with means all your favorite gambling coverage for this week.  Stanford Steve’s Wake Forest/Utah State over 59.5 was in the Big Mike Happy Recap at the end of the podcast, but I’m not sure if it was official because he kind of threw it on there at the last second.  I will grade his picks against his ESPN Chalk column for official records as always.

Also, the Bear gave out Nevada+10.5 on Daily Wager earlier this week, so that pick cannot be found in the podcast.

Bear’s Bank for week 1:

Listen to the full thing for all the juicy details and extra leans.

Stanford Steve:

Date Pick
8/30/19 Wake Forest  -3.5 vs Utah State
8/30/19 Wake Forest vs Utah State Over 59.5
8/31/19 Ohio State vs Florida Atlantic Over 63.5
8/31/19 Northwestern + 6.5 vs Stanford
8/31/19 Kentucky vs Toledo Under 61.5
8/31/19 Boston College + 5 vs Virginia Tech

Chris Fallica:

Date Pick
8/29/19 BYU + 6.5 vs Utah
8/30/19 Nevada + 10.5 vs Purdue
8/30/19 Wake Forest  -3.5 vs Utah State
8/31/19 Coastal Carolina + 6.5 vs Eastern Michigan
8/31/19 Georgia Southern + 27.5 vs LSU
8/31/19 Liberty + 18 vs Syracuse

Week 1 2019: ATS College Picks from Clay Travis!

I’ve decided to start tracking Clay Travis this year, so love him or hate him here are his week 1 picks.

The full write-ups can be found HERE so check it out if you want it.

Date Pick
8/29/19 Clemson  -35 vs Georgia Tech
8/29/19 Cincinnati  -2.5 vs UCLA
8/29/19 BYU vs Utah Under 48.5
8/30/19 Oklahoma State  -15 vs Oregon State
8/30/19 Oregon State vs Oklahoma State Over 72
8/30/19 Tulsa + 22.5 vs Michigan State
8/31/19 Alabama  -33.5 vs Duke
8/31/19 Auburn  -3 vs Oregon
8/31/19 Ohio State vs Florida Atlantic Over 63.5
8/31/19 Vanderbilt vs Georgia Over 57.5
8/31/19 Memphis vs Ole Miss Over 67.5
8/31/19 Missouri  -17 vs Wyoming
8/31/19 South Carolina vs North Carolina Under 63
8/31/19 Stanford vs Northwestern Under 49
8/31/19 Liberty vs Syracuse Over 66
8/31/19 Toledo + 12.5 vs Kentucky
9/1/19 Oklahoma vs Houston Over 82