Week 5 2019: #CFB Picks w/ Stanford Steve & The Bear!

Here’s the week 5 picks from Stanford Steve and the Bear Chris Fallica via their weekly podcast.  Listen to the full thing because its the best podcast out there but here’s the recap.

Chris Fallica:

Date Pick
9/27/19 Duke + 3 vs Virginia Tech
9/27/19 Maryland + 6.5 vs Penn State
9/28/19 Toledo + 2.5 vs BYU
9/28/19 Baylor + 3 vs Iowa State
9/28/19 UNLV + 9.5 vs Wyoming

Stanford Steve:

Date Pick
9/28/19 Akron  -7 vs Massachusetts
9/28/19 Rice + 8 vs Louisiana Tech
9/28/19 Alabama  -37 vs Ole Miss
9/28/19 Oregon State + 4 vs Stanford
9/28/19 Oklahoma  -27 vs Texas Tech

Stanford Steve says he also likes the Bama/Ole Miss over 60 and the Penn St/Maryland over 60 but he’s not sure if he’s making them official plays yet.


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