Week 7 2019: #CFBPicks w/ Phil Steele!

Here are the week 7 picks from the Phil Steel Plus preview on Youtube.  Check it out because you can really see how Phil breaks down each and every game; particularly which stats he’s comparing and what to look at in prior year matchups.  He’s also got one of those red hot FCS picks for you (if you’re into that sort of thing).  Great stuff.

Date Pick
10/11/19 Miami (FL)  -1 vs Virginia
10/12/19 Miami (OH) + 13 vs Western Michigan
10/12/19 Michigan  -22.5 vs Illinois
10/12/19 Tennessee + 7 vs Mississippi State
10/12/19 Texas + 10.5 vs Oklahoma
10/12/19 Indiana  -27.5 vs Rutgers
10/12/19 Arizona State  -1 vs Washington State
10/12/19 James Madison  -9.5 vs Villanova

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