2019-20 Season: Bowl picks are graded; results are in!

Our 2019-20 college football season is in the books, and the picks have been graded.  First, we always crown a yearly bowl pick’em champion.  Below are the competitors who qualified by picking all (or most) of the bowl games:

percent n.correct n.wrong
Stewart.Mandel 75 30 10
Adam.Rittenberg 75 30 10
Bruce.Feldman 72.5 29 11
Pat.Forde 70 28 12
Jennifer 67.5 27 13
Greg.McElroy 55.26 21 17

Stewart Mandel and Adam Rittenberg tied at a whopping 30-10 on bowl picks and will be our co-bowl picking champions.

Our ATS bowl picking went pretty well too.  Results are below, and remember, THESE are picking against the spread.

percent n.correct n.wrong n.tie
Dan.Wetzel.ATS 66.67 26 13 0
Pat.Forde.ATS 58.97 23 16 0
Bruce.Feldman.ATS 51.28 20 19 0
Pete.Thamel.ATS 51.28 20 19 0
Stewart.Mandel.ATS 43.59 17 22 0
Danny.Kanell.ATS 47.37 18 20 0

Dan Wetzel managed to go 26-13 picking all of the bowl games, so he is our ATS champion.  That’s pretty impressive against the number for the entirety of bowl season, so congratulations to Dan Wetzel!

We will be back shortly with the yearly results.

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