Week 3 2020: #VirtualLocks from Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer!

You’ve been waiting for it. I’ve been waiting for it. The hottest segment from the 2019 college football season has returned. Virtual Locks with Joey and Jesse is back for the 2020 season, and here are the week 3 picks!

Note: The graphics are different, and their pick is the one with the little lock over it.

Joey Galloway:
USF/Notre Dame over 48
SMU-14 vs North Texas

Jesse Palmer:
Miami Fl+2.5 vs Louisville
Wake Forest+1 vs NC State

4 thoughts on “Week 3 2020: #VirtualLocks from Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer!

  • I LOVE Joey Galloway and I love this site!!!! I have NEVER seen ANYONE who is so “Right ON IT,” much more than any “so-called” expert pickers, or anyone, for that matter, as I have ever seen. Good thing, because I do not do so well myself. Joey (Mr. Galloway), I REALLY need you tonight…

    Best Regards,

    Charles Cisler

  • Forgot to say, “THANK YOU…” Joey Galloway, 2-0 last week, once again, you are VERY dependable…..

    THANK YOU, again!

    Charles Cisler
    Eleven year Marine
    Twenty Year Educator and Coach

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