Week 11 2020: #VirtualLocks from Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer!

4 thoughts on “Week 11 2020: #VirtualLocks from Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer!

  • Another week, and more lousy picks. I am glad I now only chart you for the fun of it, cause a bettor would surely be seeling the wife and kids by now. Do bettors a favor and quit making your awful picks. Virtual locks, yeah, for the casino’s to make money. Just report on the games, and leave the picks to the players who do much better than the two of you. Joey, last year, you were actually pretty good, Jesse, you pick, like you played….nuff said.

  • I think next week, I will leave my two best bets, so you two can see how it’s done. I will leave them by 11 AM ET on Sat the 21st.

  • My Locks for Sat Nov 21st, 2020.

    Cincinnati – 6 over UCF
    Liberty Over 65 against NC. St.

    Good luck everybody

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