Week 14 2020: #CFB Picks from Stanford Steve & The Bear!

DISCLAIMER: The following are the unofficial week 14 picks as presented in the Stanford Steve & The Bear podcast, and if you need the specifics you’ll need to listen to the podcast.  These are not their official picks.  Their official picks are found on ESPN Chalk every Thursday morning.

Stanford Steve was very unsure of what he was going to pick for the ESPN Chalk Column, so I will summarize his opinions below as best as I can.

Stanford Steve:
Boston College+6.5 vs Virginia
Some combination of Clemson and the Clemson/VT over
Alabama-29.5 vs LSU (he didn’t specify a line)
Some combination of Texas Tech and the TTU/Kansas over
Akron vs BGSU over 57

The Bear:
Auburn+7 vs Texas A&M
California+10 vs Oregon
UCLA+3.5 vs Arizona State

Jim Donnan Condo Steamer (a big time steamer condo pick you can bet your condo on):
Clemson-22 vs Virginia Tech