Week 3 2021: Sunday morning NFL Picks!

Here’s a random assortment of week 3 NFL picks I jotted down while doing college football work this week. I have no plans to track or grade these picks but they are presented for your amusement.

Colin Cowherd’s Blazing Five:
Football+7 vs Bills
Patriots-2.5 vs Saints
Bengals+3 vs Steelers
Dolphins+3.5 vs Raiders
Eagles+3.5 vs Cowboys

Doug Kezirian:
Patriots-3 vs Saints
Texans+8 vs Panthers
49ers-3 vs Packers
Cowboys-3.5 vs Eagles

Joe Fortenbaugh:
49ers-3 sv Packers
Cowboys/Eagles under 51.5

Tyler Fulghum:
Chargers+6.5 vs Chiefs
Packers+3.5 vs 49ers
Panthers-8 vs Texans

Anita Marks:
Eagles+3.5 vs Cowboys

Todd Fuhrman:
Bucs vs Rams over 55.5
Vikings+1.5 vs Seahawks
Chiefs-6.5 vs Chargers
Packers vs 49ers over 49.5
Colts vs Titans under 48
Packers+3.5 vs 49ers
Football+7 vs Bills (best bet on CBS Sports HQ)

Hammering Hank Golbderg:
Patriots-3 vs Saints
Raiders-3.5 vs Dolphins
Bucs-1 vs Rams

Phil Steele: