Week 12 2022: College football gambling picks from the Cover 3 podcast!

Here are your week 12 locks from the Cover 3 podcast. Be sure to check out the full thing yourself because they give out some team totals and half bets that I am not set up to track. As always, money line sprinkles are at the bottom.

Editor’s note: Danny’s picks are a combination of his picks from CBS Sports HQ with Brady Quinn AND his Cover 3 podcast locks. Its late and I’m too lazy to separate them out this week. Some day I’ll script it better.

Chip Patterson:

Wyoming vs Boise State Under 44.5
Michigan State  -10 vs Indiana
Oklahoma State + 7.5 vs Oklahoma
TCU  -2.5 vs Baylor
Baylor vs TCU Over 58
Oregon vs Utah Over 62
Georgia  -22.5 vs Kentucky
UAB + 14.5 vs LSU
Louisville  -3.5 vs NC State

Tom Fornelli:

Buffalo vs Akron Under 46.5
Rice vs UTSA Under 58.5
Michigan State vs Indiana Over 47.5
Oklahoma State + 7.5 vs Oklahoma
Oregon vs Utah Under 62
West Virginia vs Kansas State Under 54.5
UCLA + 2.5 vs Southern Cal

Danny Kanell:

Notre Dame  -21 vs Boston College
Notre Dame vs Boston College Over 45
Maryland + 27.5 vs Ohio State
Maryland vs Ohio State Over 64.5
Georgia Tech + 21 vs North Carolina
North Carolina vs Georgia Tech Over 63.5
Michigan  -18 vs Illinois
Michigan vs Illinois Over 40.5
Rutgers + 19 vs Penn State
Rutgers vs Penn State Over 45
Oklahoma State + 7.5 vs Oklahoma
Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State Under 64.5
Baylor + 2.5 vs TCU
Baylor vs TCU Under 58
Oregon  -3 vs Utah
Oregon vs Utah Under 61.5
West Virginia + 7.5 vs Kansas State
West Virginia vs Kansas State Under 55
Arkansas + 2.5 vs Ole Miss
Arkansas vs Ole Miss Under 64
Kentucky + 22.5 vs Georgia
Kentucky vs Georgia Under 49.5
Vanderbilt + 14.5 vs Florida
Arizona State + 8 vs Oregon State
Arizona State vs Oregon State Under 54
South Carolina + 21.5 vs Tennessee
South Carolina vs Tennessee Under 66
Washington  -31 vs Colorado
Washington vs Colorado Under 61.5
UAB + 14.5 vs LSU
LSU vs UAB Under 52.5
Cincinnati  -17 vs Temple
Temple vs Cincinnati Over 51
UCF  -16.5 vs Navy
UCF vs Navy Over 53
Southern Cal  -2 vs UCLA
UCLA vs Southern Cal Under 75.5
Louisville  -4 vs NC State
Louisiana + 24 vs Florida State
Florida State vs Louisiana Under 52
Clemson  -18 vs Miami (FL)
Clemson vs Miami (FL) Over 48
SMU + 3 vs Tulane
Tulane vs SMU Under 65

Bud Elliott:

Michigan  -17.5 vs Illinois
Michigan State  -10 vs Indiana
Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State Over 66
Kansas State  -7.5 vs West Virginia
James Madison  -8.5 vs Georgia State
Clemson  -18 vs Miami (FL)
Tulane  -3 vs SMU

Money line sprinkles:
Chip: UCLA+110, Arizona+160
Tom: Iowa+120, Texas Tech+145, Oklahoma State+245, UAB+480
Danny: Iowa+120, UAB+480, Western Kentucky+198
Bud: Western Kentucky+198