2022-23 Bowl Season: College football gambling picks from the Stanford Steve and the Bear podcast (for the LAST TIME EVER)!

Here are the 2022 bowl picks from the Stanford Steve and the Bear podcast for the last time ever. The Bear, Chris Fallica, has made a move to Fox Sports and the podcast as we know it has come to an end. As always, be sure to check out the full thing because they break down a ton of games and tell you what they bet, what to stay away from, and leans on other games. Enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: The following are the unofficial bowl picks as presented in the Stanford Steve & The Bear podcast, and if you need the specifics you’ll need to listen to the podcast.  These are not their picks for the official record.  Their official picks are always found on ESPN Chalk.

Stanford Steve:
Air Force+3.5
Wake Forest-1
Notre Dame-2
NC State+1

The Bear:
Georgia Southern-3.5
Ole Miss-3.5
Syracuse TT under

Jim Donnan Condo Steamer:
Houston-7 vs Louisiana