2022-23 Bowl Season: Fiesta Bowl megapost! All Michigan vs TCU playoff picks!

I decided to put together a mega post of all my Fiesta Bowl picks for the playoff matchup between Michigan and TCU. Be sure to check back because I’ll be updating this post all morning with the latest picks.

Gambling picks:

Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUCollin.Wilson.ATS
Michigan vs TCU Over 59.5Kenny.White.ATS
TCU + 9.5 vs MichiganKenny.White.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUDan.Wetzel.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUPete.Thamel.ATS
TCU + 7.5 vs MichiganStuckey.ATS
TCU + 7.5 vs MichiganBarrett.Sallee.ATS
TCU + 7.5 vs MichiganWes.Reynolds.ATS
Michigan vs TCU Over 58.5Brady.Quinn.ATS
TCU + 7.5 vs MichiganBrady.Quinn.ATS
Michigan  -8 vs TCUDave.Portnoy.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUChip.Patterson.ATS
Michigan vs TCU Under 59Brent.Musburger.ATS
TCU + 8 vs MichiganBrent.Musburger.ATS
TCU + 8 vs MichiganMegan.Makin.Money.ATS
Michigan vs TCU Under 58Brett.McMurphy.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUGreg.McElroy.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUMark.May.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUStewart.Mandel.ATS
Michigan  -8 vs TCUAdam.Kramer.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUJoel.Klatt.ATS
Michigan vs TCU Under 57.5Doug.Kezirian.ATS
TCU + 7.5 vs MichiganDoug.Kezirian.ATS
TCU + 8 vs MichiganDan.Katz.ATS
Michigan vs TCU Over 58.5Danny.Kanell.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUDanny.Kanell.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUEmory.Hunt.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUDavid.Hale.ATS
TCU + 7.5 vs MichiganTyler.Fulghum.ATS
Michigan vs TCU Under 58.5Todd.Fuhrman.ATS
TCU + 8 vs MichiganTodd.Fuhrman.ATS
TCU + 7.5 vs MichiganJoe.Fortenbaugh.ATS
Michigan vs TCU Under 57.5Tom.Fornelli.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUTom.Fornelli.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUPat.Forde.ATS
TCU + 7.5 vs MichiganDennis.Dodd.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCURoss.Dellenger.ATS
TCU + 7.5 vs MichiganRece.Davis.ATS
TCU + 7.5 vs MichiganSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Michigan  -7.5 vs TCUBill.Connelly.ATS
TCU + 8 vs MichiganRico.Bosco.ATS

Analyst picks:

Michigan  over  TCUDan.Wetzel
Michigan  over  TCUTim.Tebow
Michigan  over  TCUPete.Thamel
Michigan  over  TCUAaron.Taylor
Michigan  over  TCUJordan.Rodgers
Michigan  over  TCUAdam.Rittenberg
Michigan  over  TCUChip.Patterson
Michigan  over  TCUJesse.Palmer
TCU  over  MichiganRick.Neuheisel
Michigan  over  TCUDan.Mullen
Michigan  over  TCUGreg.McElroy
Michigan  over  TCUPat.McAfee
Michigan  over  TCUMark.May
Michigan  over  TCUStewart.Mandel
TCU  over  MichiganTom.Luginbill
Michigan  over  TCUJoel.Klatt
Michigan  over  TCUDanny.Kanell
Michigan  over  TCUBrian.Jones
Michigan  over  TCULou.Holtz
Michigan  over  TCURoman.Harper
Michigan  over  TCUDavid.Hale
Michigan  over  TCUJoey.Galloway
Michigan  over  TCUTom.Fornelli
Michigan  over  TCUPat.Forde
Michigan  over  TCUPaul.Finebaum
Michigan  over  TCUDennis.Dodd
Michigan  over  TCURoss.Dellenger
Michigan  over  TCURece.Davis
Michigan  over  TCURandy.Cross
Michigan  over  TCUSam.Acho
Michigan  over  TCUJennifer
Michigan  over  TCUDavid.Pollack
Michigan  over  TCUDesmond.Howard
Michigan  over  TCUKirk.Herbstreit
Michigan  over  TCULee.Corso