Week 1 2023: Assorted Sunday college football gambling picks!

Week 1 is a weird one with a full slate Saturday along with a handful Sunday and a Monday night game. As such, here is a full slate of the Sunday gambling picks I have in case you’re interested. You can also check this Weekly ATS Slate page to see the entirety of the weekly picks which can be sorted and filtered to meet your needs.

Adam.Kramer.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Anita.Marks.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Barrett.Sallee.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Bill.Connelly.ATSFlorida State vs LSU Under 56.5
Bill.Connelly.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Brady.Quinn.ATSFlorida State vs LSU Under 58
Brady.Quinn.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Brett.McMurphy.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Bruce.Feldman.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Bud.Elliott.ATSFlorida State TT over 27.5
Bud.Elliott.ATSFlorida State+3 vs LSU
Bud.Elliott.ATSFlorida State vs LSU Over 55.5
Chip.Patterson.ATSFlorida State vs LSU Over 55.5
Clay.Travis.ATSFlorida State vs LSU Under 57.5
Collin.Wilson.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Dan.Katz.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Dan.Wetzel.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Danny.Kanell.ATSFlorida State vs LSU Under 58
Danny.Kanell.ATSFlorida State+3 vs LSU
Dave.Portnoy.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Dave.Portnoy.ATSFlorida State vs LSU Over 55.5
Dennis.Dodd.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Dusty.Dvoracek.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Joe.Fortenbaugh.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Matt.Youmans.ATSLSU-2 vs Florida State
Nick.Bromberg.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Pat.Forde.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Pete.Thamel.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Rece.Davis.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Rico.Bosco.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Ross.Dellenger.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Sam.Cooper.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Scott.Spreitzer.ATSLSU-2 vs Florida State
Scott.Van.Pelt.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Steve.Coughlin.ATSFlorida State+2 vs LSU
Stewart.Mandel.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Stuckey.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Tom.Fornelli.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Tony.Barnhart.ATSLSU-2.5 vs Florida State
Tyler.Fulghum.ATSFlorida State+2.5 vs LSU
Clay.Travis.ATSNorthwestern+7 vs Rutgers
Dan.Katz.ATSRutgers-6.5 vs Northwestern
Dave.Portnoy.ATSRutgers-6.5 vs Northwestern
Tom.Fornelli.ATSRutgers vs Northwestern Under 39.5
Barrett.Sallee.ATSSan Jose State+16.5 vs Oregon State
Bruce.Feldman.ATSSan Jose State+16.5 vs Oregon State
Dave.Portnoy.ATSSan Jose State+16.5 vs Oregon State
Dave.Portnoy.ATSSan Jose State vs Oregon State Over 54.5
Dennis.Dodd.ATSSan Jose State+16.5 vs Oregon State
Matt.Youmans.ATSSan Jose State+17 vs Oregon State
Phil.Steele.ATSSan Jose State+16.5 vs Oregon State
Sam.Cooper.ATSSan Jose State vs Oregon State Over 54.5
Stewart.Mandel.ATSSan Jose State+16.5 vs Oregon State
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