Week 2 2023: #WINNERS from Scott Van Pelt!

Scott Van Pelt was kicked over to ESPN2 last night because the tennis match ran long. For that reason, most of us (or our DVRs) missed his WINNERS segment last night. Luckily @shedtheblock on Twitter grabbed them and posted them on their website. Big thanks to @shedtheblock for posting it and huge thanks to @blainebrown24 for sending me the link.

SVP dropped a massive 12 pack of picks on us last night which is the biggest slate I think I’ve ever seen him give out. Check it out below with Stanford Steve’s pick at the bottom.

Scott Van Pelt’s WINNERS:

California+6.5 vs Auburn
Southern Miss+32 vs Florida State
Eastern Michigan+20.5 vs Minnesota
Arizona+9.5 vs Mississippi State
Washington State+6.5 vs Wisconsin
Texas Tech+6.5 vs Oregon
Rice+9.5 vs Houston
Tulane+7.5 vs Ole Miss
Troy+16.5 vs Kansas State
Nebraska+3 vs Colorado
Baylor+8 vs Utah
NC State+7.5 vs Notre Dame

Stanford Steve’s Pick:
Northwestern+1 vs UTEP