UPDATE:  If you want to cite my data or use my data for a project, please let me know!  I LOVE seeing what people can do with my data and I’m always glad to help out.  All I ask is that you reference my site, give me a shoutout, and send me a link to your final project so I can see your work!

Ever wonder to yourself “what is Lee Corso’s record for picking games”?  Now we have an answer (sort of)!  I’m here to track expert predictions as best I can week to week with focus on College Gameday, but as much of ESPN’s crew as I can fit in.  I love College Gameday to death and always wondered what the guys on the show have as far as their records. Basically everyone always wonders:  What is Lee Corso’s picking record?  Does Kirk Herbstreit know what he’s talking about?  Does Lou Holtz have a good picking record even though he always picks Notre Dame to win?  Well I’m here to solve the riddles.

This is and will always be an incomplete puzzle because I don’t have video tapes of Gameday going back 20 years.  I also have to sleep and work a job, so I can’t listen to every podcast on the internet.  However I will keep up with the current picks, and will continue to do research to find old picks from sources like Youtube videos, old news articles, blogs, tweets, and so on.  As we put more and more pieces of this puzzle together, we may never complete the puzzle but the image will still emerge the same and we can get a good idea about what the lifetime averages are for the experts.

You can follow the picks as they happen on my twitter @gamedaycole.

As far as how I go about my research, the following rules apply:

1.  I’m here to track predictions on winners.  Straight up or against the spread.  It doesn’t matter the games or who is playing.  I track them all, big and small.

2.  If one of our experts does pick against the spread, the following rule is implemented: If the expert is taking the points and picking the underdog, that does not count.  All that means is that our expert thinks they will cover the spread, not that the team will win.  If the expert lays the points and takes the favorite, that will count for the official record.  Obviously, if our expert thinks the team will win by 14 points, then he thinks they will win straight up.  Picks ATS are obviously more difficult, so they can earn partial credit laying points if they don’t cover but still win the game.

3.  If an expert makes a pick, then changes their mind and picks the other way on another show, I take the most recent pick for the official record.  Things can develop and change during the week, so predictions can change as well.  The most up-to-date pick is the one I will take, even if the expert changes their mind twice in the span of an hour.  Dr. Lou, I’m looking in your direction.

4.  If someone predicts a winning streak, losing streak, or projects several weeks into advance, I will count the picks until something changes.  Example: There will be a point in most seasons where Tom Luginbill will predict FIU to go undefeated after starting off with a few wins.  If they win the next game, obviously he will think the streak continues, so I count it.  Once they lose, all bets are off, because it could have totally changed the landscape of things, so the official record stops there.

5.  I try not to read too much into what our experts are saying when analyzing games for predictions.  I only count it if I hear key words like “I’m picking”, “I’ll take”, “I like”, “I’m going with ____ in this game”, and so on.  If its not clear who they think will win, then its an under-pick and not counted.

6.  Our experts have to have at least a handful of picks to make my rankings.  Nobody cares if someone is 100% right on their record if they have only picked two games.  This is known as the “Matt Millen” rule.  When the rule was implemented, Matt Millen was our #1 ranked picker, but with a very small sample size.  Now I require at least 50 picks to be ranked.

About the author

My name is Cole.  This is my blog for all the millions (or dozens) of my fans around the world.  It started out as my Las Vegas blog for everyone back home when I spent a few months in Sin City.  I told the tales of what I was doing day to day, how things were going, and how thick the bankroll was at the end of the day.  Then it became my blog about all kinds of gambling shenanigans involving live poker, online poker, prop bets and sports betting.  Then it became my college football gambling blog where I tracked my bets, my wins, and my losses.  Then it became just a blog about life.  Much more boring.  Until I started tracking Lee Corso’s predictions one Saturday morning years ago. Things quickly escalated, and now you see the result.  I live in the heart Big 12 country, and have an unhealthy obsession with College Gameday.  In addition, I also have an amazing wife named Jennifer (@GamedayJen) who also makes picks every week against the Gameday crew.  She does quite well compared to some of the people making the big bucks on ESPN, and its amazing that she puts up with this whole blog.  We’ve recently been joined by @TheGamedayBaby and she has already has started handicapping with her “Public Fade of the Week”.


23 responses

  1. Rolling up a stake and going to Vegas….LOL

  2. so how come you deleted my posts? I’m a winner… JP

    1. Hi JP,

      I hadn’t deleted your posts, I just needed to approve them. Thanks for picking and good luck!


  3. Can you post their picks pending the outcome?

  4. Cole your write up says Kirk H took Arkansas over northern Illinois . But under picks says northern Illinois. Which is it?

    1. Good catch. After further review, Kirk did pick Arkansas over NIU and continued to disrespect Huskies.

  5. No McShay updates for the last few weeks? If it helps you, he was 4-1 this past week and also 4-1 with his over/unders. I can give you the picks if you need them. Your blog is vital to me when I miss his picks. I hope you will get back to McShay.

  6. Hey man this is awesome! Really cool idea. I’m going to continue to keep up with this

  7. gilrslovesportstoo | Reply

    Love this! Helps with my pick every week! So far I’ve won 5 out of the last 8 weeks 🙂

  8. I watch game day religiously! Just wondering how you feel about where game day is this weekend (November 8th)…why did they overlook TCU and K-State…only for $$$$?

    1. I think they have to spread the love and throw the Big 10 a bone at some point this year, and they won’t get a better chance than this weekend. Sure there may be bigger games this weekend, but there’s a lot of good fans up in Big 10 country that want their piece of that Gameday pie!

  9. were do a get their picks

    1. Here starting tomorrow!!!

  10. Hey Cole: You do a great job on all your football info. I was wondering if you follow any college basketball picks. Thanks. John

    1. Hi John. College football is all I cover on this site. My wife said I can track basketball picks or stay married, but not both.

  11. Will you be doing the bowl games

    1. Absolutely. Bowl Mania preview is tomorrow night and we will be posting more bowl picks than you can shake a stick at!

      1. When will the bowl picks start coming in.

      2. Ask and ye shall receive. Kanell’s big board is up and we will be updating all week!

  12. Cole,

    I also run a college football blog and think we could help each other out in terms of exposure. Would love to talk some when you get a chance. My twitter page is linked with my own blog @ComingforHerbstreits. It’s mostly funny posts with insight and opinions. Looking forward to speaking soon.

  13. Where’s Jennifer picks

    1. A few minutes late:

      Okla St over WVU
      TCU over Iowa St
      Clemson over GT
      TAMU over Miss St
      Georgia over Florida
      Wash St over Arizona
      Ariz St over USC
      Mich St over NW
      ND over NC St
      Penn St over Ohio St
      Kentucky over Tennessee
      Texas over Baylor

  14. Fuck Bama! Three consecutive championship games and they haven’t covered the spread once! Fuck Bama!

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