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A few notes about the record for College Gameday guest pickers.

Charles Barkley famously appeared on 10/2/2004 as the first official Gameday celebrity picker and picked Auburn over Tennessee. According to he went 5-1 on this appearance, but I don’t have the other picks.

Charles Barkley also appeared on the 12/4/2004 show but I only have a single pick from him on that show.

Kenny Chesney made his first appearance on 10/4/2008, and according to he went 7-3 picking games. I only have 4 of the picks on record.

American Pharaoh appeared in 2015 with Bob Baffert, breaking the barrier as the first animal to pick a game. American Pharaoh picked UCLA over Arizona, but I am not including this pick in my record.

Sam Hunt appeared in 2017 and officially went 8-1 on the week. They only picked 8 games on the actual show and he went 7-1 on the show. However, they briefly flashed the Georgia/App State game on the bottom of the screen to pick and it appeared they skipped this game during the segment for some unknown reason. Since College Gameday officially gave him credit for an 8-1 week I am crediting Sam Hunt with the Georgia over App State pick.

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