Guest Pickers

A few notes about the record for College Gameday guest pickers.

Charles Barkley famously appeared on 10/2/2004 as the first official Gameday celebrity picker and picked Auburn over Tennessee. According to he went 5-1 on this appearance, but I don’t have the other picks.

Charles Barkley also appeared on the 12/4/2004 show but I only have a single pick from him on that show.

Kenny Chesney made his first appearance on 10/4/2008, and according to he went 7-3 picking games. I only have 4 of the picks on record.

Bob Knight appeared on 11/1/2008 but I only have two of his picks recorded.

American Pharaoh appeared in 2015 with Bob Baffert, breaking the barrier as the first animal to pick a game. American Pharaoh picked UCLA over Arizona, but I am not including this pick in my record.

Sam Hunt appeared in 2017 and officially went 8-1 on the week. They only picked 8 games on the actual show and he went 7-1 on the show. However, they briefly flashed the Georgia/App State game on the bottom of the screen to pick and it appeared they skipped this game during the segment for some unknown reason. Since College Gameday officially gave him credit for an 8-1 week I am crediting Sam Hunt with the Georgia over App State pick.

percent.correct n.correct n.wrong
Celebrity.Guest 60.88% 800 514
Date Celebrity.Name Pick
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman Army over Air Force
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman LSU over Alabama
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman Virginia Tech over Boston College
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman Washington State over California
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman Georgia over Kentucky
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman Notre Dame over Northwestern
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman Texas Tech over Oklahoma
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman Penn State over Michigan
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman Wake Forest over Syracuse
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman Auburn over Texas A&M
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman Arizona State over Utah
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman West Virginia over Texas
11/3/18 Alex.Bregman Dartmouth over Princeton
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Southern California over Arizona State
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Clemson over Florida State
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Georgia over Florida
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Penn State over Iowa
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Missouri over Kentucky
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Notre Dame over Navy
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield North Carolina State over Syracuse
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Purdue over Michigan State
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Houston over South Florida
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Texas over Oklahoma State
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Texas A&M over Mississippi State
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Iowa State over Texas Tech
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Washington State over Stanford
10/27/18 Evander.Holyfield Northwestern over Wisconsin
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Alabama over Tennessee
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Auburn over Mississippi
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Cincinnati over Temple
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Colorado over Washington
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Michigan over Michigan State
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Nebraska over Minnesota
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe LSU over Mississippi State
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Clemson over North Carolina State
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Purdue over Ohio State
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Oklahoma over TCU
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Washington State over Oregon
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Penn State over Indiana
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Utah over Southern California
10/20/18 Drew.Bledsoe Duke over Virginia
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Texas over Baylor
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Central Florida over Memphis
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Colorado over Southern California
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Florida over Vanderbilt
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Georgia over LSU
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Indiana over Iowa
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Miami (FL) over Virginia
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Michigan State over Penn State
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Notre Dame over Pittsburgh
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Texas A&M over South Carolina
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Oregon over Washington
10/13/18 Chainsmokers West Virginia over Iowa State
10/13/18 Chainsmokers Michigan over Wisconsin
10/13/18 Chainsmokers St. John’s over St. Thomas
10/6/18 Toby.Keith Colorado over Arizona State
10/6/18 Toby.Keith North Carolina State over Boston College
10/6/18 Toby.Keith Clemson over Wake Forest
10/6/18 Toby.Keith Miami (FL) over Florida State
10/6/18 Toby.Keith Iowa over Minnesota
10/6/18 Toby.Keith Kentucky over Texas A&M
10/6/18 Toby.Keith LSU over Florida
10/6/18 Toby.Keith Michigan over Maryland
10/6/18 Toby.Keith Air Force over Navy
10/6/18 Toby.Keith Michigan State over Northwestern
10/6/18 Toby.Keith Virginia Tech over Notre Dame
10/6/18 Toby.Keith Oklahoma over Texas
10/6/18 Toby.Keith Stanford over Utah
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Buffalo over Army
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Oklahoma over Baylor
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Boise State over Wyoming
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Washington over BYU
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Mississippi State over Florida
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Penn State over Ohio State
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Oregon over California
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key South Carolina over Kentucky
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Stanford over Notre Dame
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Clemson over Syracuse
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Texas over Kansas State
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Utah over Washington State
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key North Carolina State over Virginia
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Duke over Virginia Tech
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key Texas Tech over West Virginia
9/29/18 Keegan.Michael.Key North Dakota State over South Dakota State
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Oregon State over Arizona
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Washington over Arizona State
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Purdue over Boston College
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Tennessee over Florida
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Georgia over Missouri
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Baylor over Kansas
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson West Virginia over Kansas State
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Michigan State over Indiana
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Kentucky over Mississippi State
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Notre Dame over Wake Forest
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Vanderbilt over South Carolina
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Oregon over Stanford
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Alabama over Texas A&M
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Texas over TCU
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Iowa over Wisconsin
9/22/18 Tim.Matheson Mount Union over John Carroll
9/15/18 Roman.Reigns Arizona State over San Diego State
9/15/18 Roman.Reigns Oklahoma State over Boise State
9/15/18 Roman.Reigns Georgia Tech over Pittsburgh
9/15/18 Roman.Reigns LSU over Auburn
9/15/18 Roman.Reigns TCU over Ohio State
9/15/18 Roman.Reigns Oklahoma over Iowa State
9/15/18 Roman.Reigns Kansas over Rutgers
9/15/18 Roman.Reigns Texas over Southern California
9/15/18 Roman.Reigns Vanderbilt over Notre Dame
9/15/18 Roman.Reigns Washington over Utah
9/8/18 Owen.Gray Houston over Arizona
9/8/18 Owen.Gray BYU over California
9/8/18 Owen.Gray Texas A&M over Clemson
9/8/18 Owen.Gray Nebraska over Colorado
9/8/18 Owen.Gray Georgia over South Carolina
9/8/18 Owen.Gray Iowa State over Iowa
9/8/18 Owen.Gray Florida over Kentucky
9/8/18 Owen.Gray Arizona State over Michigan State
9/8/18 Owen.Gray Mississippi State over Kansas State
9/8/18 Owen.Gray Penn State over Pittsburgh
9/8/18 Owen.Gray Stanford over Southern California
9/3/18 Luke.Bryan Virginia Tech over Florida State
9/2/18 Luke.Bryan Miami (FL) over LSU
9/1/18 Luke.Bryan Alabama over Louisville
9/1/18 Luke.Bryan Auburn over Washington
9/1/18 Luke.Bryan Boise State over Troy
9/1/18 Luke.Bryan Oklahoma over Florida Atlantic
9/1/18 Luke.Bryan Texas over Maryland
9/1/18 Luke.Bryan Notre Dame over Michigan
9/1/18 Luke.Bryan Texas Tech over Mississippi
9/1/18 Luke.Bryan Hawaii over Navy
9/1/18 Luke.Bryan West Virginia over Tennessee
9/1/18 Luke.Bryan Washington State over Wyoming
12/23/17 Rob.Riggle Texas Tech over South Florida
12/21/17 Rob.Riggle Temple over FIU
12/16/17 Rob.Riggle Oregon over Boise State
12/16/17 Rob.Riggle North Texas over Troy
12/9/17 Rob.Riggle Navy over Army
12/9/17 Rob.Riggle North Dakota State over Wofford
12/9/17 Rob.Riggle South Dakota State over New Hampshire
12/9/17 Rob.Riggle Kennesaw State over Sam Houston State
12/2/17 Luther.Campbell Fresno State over Boise State
12/2/17 Luther.Campbell Central Florida over Memphis
12/2/17 Luther.Campbell Miami (FL) over Clemson
12/2/17 Luther.Campbell Florida Atlantic over North Texas
12/2/17 Luther.Campbell Auburn over Georgia
12/2/17 Luther.Campbell Ohio State over Wisconsin
12/2/17 Luther.Campbell Oklahoma over TCU
12/2/17 Luther.Campbell Toledo over Akron
12/2/17 Luther.Campbell Arkansas State over Troy
11/25/17 Charles.Barkley Auburn over Alabama
11/25/17 Charles.Barkley Clemson over South Carolina
11/25/17 Charles.Barkley Florida over Florida State
11/25/17 Charles.Barkley Boise State over Fresno State
11/25/17 Charles.Barkley Georgia over Georgia Tech
11/25/17 Charles.Barkley Kentucky over Louisville
11/25/17 Charles.Barkley Michigan over Ohio State
11/25/17 Charles.Barkley Stanford over Notre Dame
11/25/17 Charles.Barkley Washington State over Washington
11/18/17 Craig.T.Nelson Florida Atlantic over FIU
11/18/17 Craig.T.Nelson Iowa over Purdue
11/18/17 Craig.T.Nelson Southern California over UCLA
11/18/17 Craig.T.Nelson West Virginia over Texas
11/18/17 Craig.T.Nelson TCU over Texas Tech
11/18/17 Craig.T.Nelson Wake Forest over North Carolina State
11/18/17 Craig.T.Nelson Wisconsin over Michigan
11/18/17 Craig.T.Nelson Lehigh over Lafayette
11/18/17 Craig.T.Nelson Yale over Harvard
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Alabama over Mississippi State
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Army over Duke
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Auburn over Georgia
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Clemson over Florida State
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Miami (FL) over Notre Dame
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Navy over SMU
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Ohio State over Michigan State
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Oklahoma over TCU
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Oklahoma State over Iowa State
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Washington State over Utah
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Wisconsin over Iowa
11/11/17 Alex.Rodriguez Wyoming over Air Force
11/4/17 Thurman.Thomas Alabama over LSU
11/4/17 Thurman.Thomas Air Force over Army
11/4/17 Thurman.Thomas Baylor over Kansas
11/4/17 Thurman.Thomas Clemson over North Carolina State
11/4/17 Thurman.Thomas Miami (FL) over Virginia Tech
11/4/17 Thurman.Thomas Penn State over Michigan State
11/4/17 Thurman.Thomas Oklahoma State over Oklahoma
11/4/17 Thurman.Thomas Southern California over Arizona
11/4/17 Thurman.Thomas TCU over Texas
11/4/17 Thurman.Thomas Washington State over Stanford
11/4/17 Thurman.Thomas West Virginia over Iowa State
10/28/17 Jack.Nicklaus Washington State over Arizona
10/28/17 Jack.Nicklaus Clemson over Georgia Tech
10/28/17 Jack.Nicklaus Georgia over Florida
10/28/17 Jack.Nicklaus TCU over Iowa State
10/28/17 Jack.Nicklaus Texas A&M over Mississippi State
10/28/17 Jack.Nicklaus Michigan State over Northwestern
10/28/17 Jack.Nicklaus Notre Dame over North Carolina State
10/28/17 Jack.Nicklaus Ohio State over Penn State
10/28/17 Jack.Nicklaus Oklahoma State over West Virginia
10/28/17 Jack.Nicklaus Arizona State over Southern California
10/21/17 Ki-Jana.Carter Central Florida over Navy
10/21/17 Ki-Jana.Carter Iowa State over Texas Tech
10/21/17 Ki-Jana.Carter LSU over Mississippi
10/21/17 Ki-Jana.Carter Louisville over Florida State
10/21/17 Ki-Jana.Carter Georgia Southern over Massachusetts
10/21/17 Ki-Jana.Carter Miami (FL) over Syracuse
10/21/17 Ki-Jana.Carter Notre Dame over Southern California
10/21/17 Ki-Jana.Carter Oklahoma State over Texas
10/21/17 Ki-Jana.Carter Penn State over Michigan
10/14/17 Gene.Wojciechowski LSU over Auburn
10/14/17 Gene.Wojciechowski Navy over Memphis
10/14/17 Gene.Wojciechowski Georgia Tech over Miami (FL)
10/14/17 Gene.Wojciechowski Oklahoma over Texas
10/14/17 Gene.Wojciechowski Tennessee over South Carolina
10/14/17 Gene.Wojciechowski Southern California over Utah
10/14/17 Gene.Wojciechowski Florida over Texas A&M
10/14/17 Gene.Wojciechowski Kansas State over TCU
10/14/17 Gene.Wojciechowski North Carolina over Virginia
10/14/17 Gene.Wojciechowski James Madison over Villanova
10/7/17 Tim.McGraw Georgia over Vanderbilt
10/7/17 Tim.McGraw LSU over Florida
10/7/17 Tim.McGraw Miami (FL) over Florida State
10/7/17 Tim.McGraw Michigan over Michigan State
10/7/17 Tim.McGraw Navy over Air Force
10/7/17 Tim.McGraw Stanford over Utah
10/7/17 Tim.McGraw Texas over Kansas State
10/7/17 Tim.McGraw TCU over West Virginia
10/7/17 Washington State over Oregon
10/7/17 Wisconsin over Nebraska
9/30/17 Bruce.Smith Auburn over Mississippi State
9/30/17 Bruce.Smith Central Florida over Memphis
9/30/17 Bruce.Smith Virginia Tech over Clemson
9/30/17 Bruce.Smith Florida over Vanderbilt
9/30/17 Bruce.Smith Wake Forest over Florida State
9/30/17 Bruce.Smith Georgia over Tennessee
9/30/17 Bruce.Smith Iowa over Michigan State
9/30/17 Bruce.Smith Oklahoma State over Texas Tech
9/30/17 Bruce.Smith Oregon over California
9/30/17 Bruce.Smith Texas A&M over South Carolina
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key Alabama over Vanderbilt
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key Florida over Kentucky
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key Mississippi State over Georgia
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key Michigan over Purdue
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key Florida State over North Carolina State
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key Michigan State over Notre Dame
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key Penn State over Iowa
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key Southern California over California
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key Oklahoma State over TCU
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key Washington over Colorado
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key Columbia over Georgetown
9/23/17 Keegan.Michael.Key St. Thomas over St. John’s
9/16/17 Rick.Pitino Louisville over Clemson
9/16/17 Rick.Pitino Tennessee over Florida
9/16/17 Rick.Pitino South Carolina over Kentucky
9/16/17 Rick.Pitino Memphis over UCLA
9/16/17 Rick.Pitino LSU over Mississippi State
9/16/17 Rick.Pitino Notre Dame over Boston College
9/16/17 Rick.Pitino Oklahoma State over Pittsburgh
9/16/17 Rick.Pitino Oregon over Wyoming
9/16/17 Rick.Pitino Stanford over San Diego State
9/16/17 Rick.Pitino Southern California over Texas
9/16/17 Rick.Pitino Vanderbilt over Kansas State
9/9/17 Eddie.George Clemson over Auburn
9/9/17 Eddie.George Notre Dame over Georgia
9/9/17 Eddie.George Iowa over Iowa State
9/9/17 Eddie.George Ohio State over Oklahoma
9/9/17 Eddie.George Nebraska over Oregon
9/9/17 Eddie.George Penn State over Pittsburgh
9/9/17 Eddie.George Stanford over Southern California
9/9/17 Eddie.George TCU over Arkansas
9/9/17 Eddie.George Utah over BYU
9/9/17 Eddie.George Washington State over Boise State
9/4/17 Sam.Hunt Tennessee over Georgia Tech
9/3/17 Sam.Hunt UCLA over Texas A&M
9/3/17 Sam.Hunt West Virginia over Virginia Tech
9/2/17 Sam.Hunt Alabama over Florida State
9/2/17 Sam.Hunt Georgia over Appalachian State
9/2/17 Sam.Hunt Iowa over Wyoming
9/2/17 Sam.Hunt LSU over BYU
9/2/17 Sam.Hunt Michigan over Florida
9/2/17 Sam.Hunt South Carolina over North Carolina State
12/10/16 Hugh.McConnell Army over Navy
12/10/16 Stephen.Phillips Navy over Army
12/10/16 Hugh.McConnell North Dakota State over South Dakota State
12/10/16 Stephen.Phillips North Dakota State over South Dakota State
12/10/16 Hugh.McConnell Wofford over Youngstown State
12/10/16 Stephen.Phillips Youngstown State over Wofford
12/10/16 Hugh.McConnell North Alabama over Shepherd
12/10/16 Stephen.Phillips North Alabama over Shepherd
12/10/16 Hugh.McConnell Mount Union over Mary Hardin-Baylor
12/10/16 Stephen.Phillips Mount Union over Mary Hardin-Baylor
12/3/16 Keegan.Michael.Key West Virginia over Baylor
12/3/16 Keegan.Michael.Key Alabama over Florida
12/3/16 Keegan.Michael.Key Kansas State over TCU
12/3/16 Keegan.Michael.Key Navy over Temple
12/3/16 Keegan.Michael.Key Western Kentucky over Louisiana Tech
12/3/16 Keegan.Michael.Key Oklahoma over Oklahoma State
12/3/16 Keegan.Michael.Key Penn State over Wisconsin
12/3/16 Keegan.Michael.Key Clemson over Virginia Tech
12/3/16 Keegan.Michael.Key San Diego State over Wyoming
11/26/16 Orlando.Pace Michigan State over Penn State
11/26/16 Orlando.Pace Wisconsin over Minnesota
11/26/16 Orlando.Pace Georgia over Georgia Tech
11/26/16 Orlando.Pace Southern California over Notre Dame
11/26/16 Orlando.Pace Ohio State over Michigan
11/26/16 Orlando.Pace Louisville over Kentucky
11/26/16 Orlando.Pace Alabama over Auburn
11/26/16 Orlando.Pace Florida State over Florida
11/26/16 Orlando.Pace Colorado over Utah
11/26/16 Orlando.Pace Clemson over South Carolina
11/19/16 Greg.Jennings Virginia Tech over Notre Dame
11/19/16 Greg.Jennings Oklahoma State over TCU
11/19/16 Greg.Jennings Navy over East Carolina
11/19/16 Greg.Jennings Western Michigan over Buffalo
11/19/16 Greg.Jennings LSU over Florida
11/19/16 Greg.Jennings Colorado over Washington State
11/19/16 Greg.Jennings Oklahoma over West Virginia
11/19/16 Greg.Jennings Clemson over Wake Forest
11/19/16 Greg.Jennings Southern California over UCLA
11/19/16 Greg.Jennings Harvard over Yale
11/12/16 Joel.McHale Texas over West Virginia
11/12/16 Joel.McHale Oklahoma over Baylor
11/12/16 Joel.McHale Navy over Tulsa
11/12/16 Joel.McHale Indiana over Penn State
11/12/16 Joel.McHale Tennessee over Kentucky
11/12/16 Joel.McHale Auburn over Georgia
11/12/16 Joel.McHale Stanford over Oregon
11/12/16 Joel.McHale Washington over Southern California
11/12/16 Joel.McHale LSU over Arkansas
11/12/16 Joel.McHale Nebraska over Minnesota
11/12/16 Joel.McHale Fordham over Holy Cross
11/5/16 Lil.Wayne Wisconsin over Northwestern
11/5/16 Lil.Wayne Oklahoma State over Kansas State
11/5/16 Lil.Wayne Penn State over Iowa
11/5/16 Lil.Wayne Florida over Arkansas
11/5/16 Lil.Wayne Air Force over Army
11/5/16 Lil.Wayne Georgia over Kentucky
11/5/16 Lil.Wayne Baylor over TCU
11/5/16 Lil.Wayne Ohio State over Nebraska
11/5/16 Lil.Wayne Washington over California
11/5/16 Lil.Wayne LSU over Alabama
10/29/16 Frank.Caliendo Notre Dame over Miami (FL)
10/29/16 Frank.Caliendo Clemson over Florida State
10/29/16 Frank.Caliendo Washington over Utah
10/29/16 Frank.Caliendo Michigan over Michigan State
10/29/16 Frank.Caliendo Wisconsin over Nebraska
10/29/16 Frank.Caliendo Auburn over Mississippi
10/29/16 Frank.Caliendo Baylor over Texas
10/29/16 Frank.Caliendo Oklahoma State over West Virginia
10/29/16 Frank.Caliendo Florida over Georgia
10/29/16 Frank.Caliendo Tennessee over South Carolina
10/22/16 Verne.Lundquist Wisconsin over Iowa
10/22/16 Verne.Lundquist Louisville over North Carolina State
10/22/16 Verne.Lundquist TCU over West Virginia
10/22/16 Verne.Lundquist UCLA over Utah
10/22/16 Verne.Lundquist Texas over Kansas State
10/22/16 Verne.Lundquist Ohio State over Penn State
10/22/16 Verne.Lundquist Washington State over Arizona State
10/22/16 Verne.Lundquist Texas Lutheran over Southwestern
10/15/16 Ric.Flair North Carolina over Miami (FL)
10/15/16 Ric.Flair Mississippi over Arkansas
10/15/16 Ric.Flair Texas Tech over West Virginia
10/15/16 Ric.Flair Stanford over Notre Dame
10/15/16 Ric.Flair Alabama over Tennessee
10/15/16 Ric.Flair Oklahoma over Kansas State
10/15/16 Ric.Flair Nebraska over Indiana
10/15/16 Ric.Flair Colorado over Arizona State
10/15/16 Ric.Flair Wisconsin over Ohio State
10/15/16 Ric.Flair UCLA over Washington State
10/8/16 Chainsmokers Texas A&M over Tennessee
10/8/16 Chainsmokers Texas over Oklahoma
10/8/16 Chainsmokers Minnesota over Iowa
10/8/16 Chainsmokers Alabama over Arkansas
10/8/16 Chainsmokers Colorado over Southern California
10/8/16 Chainsmokers Virginia Tech over North Carolina
10/8/16 Chainsmokers Maryland over Penn State
10/8/16 Chainsmokers Miami (FL) over Florida State
10/8/16 Chainsmokers Washington over Oregon
10/1/16 Eric.Church Michigan over Wisconsin
10/1/16 Eric.Church Air Force over Navy
10/1/16 Eric.Church Tennessee over Georgia
10/1/16 Eric.Church Mississippi over Memphis
10/1/16 Eric.Church Oklahoma over TCU
10/1/16 Eric.Church West Virginia over Kansas State
10/1/16 Eric.Church Texas over Oklahoma State
10/1/16 Eric.Church Utah over California
10/1/16 Eric.Church North Carolina over Florida State
10/1/16 Eric.Church Clemson over Louisville
9/24/16 Steve.Spurrier Florida State over South Florida
9/24/16 Phillip.Fulmer Florida State over South Florida
9/24/16 Steve.Spurrier Michigan State over Wisconsin
9/24/16 Phillip.Fulmer Michigan State over Wisconsin
9/24/16 Steve.Spurrier Baylor over Oklahoma State
9/24/16 Phillip.Fulmer Oklahoma State over Baylor
9/24/16 Steve.Spurrier Georgia over Mississippi
9/24/16 Phillip.Fulmer Georgia over Mississippi
9/24/16 Steve.Spurrier West Virginia over BYU
9/24/16 Phillip.Fulmer West Virginia over BYU
9/24/16 Steve.Spurrier Florida over Tennessee
9/24/16 Phillip.Fulmer Tennessee over Florida
9/24/16 Steve.Spurrier Auburn over LSU
9/24/16 Phillip.Fulmer LSU over Auburn
9/24/16 Steve.Spurrier California over Arizona State
9/24/16 Phillip.Fulmer California over Arizona State
9/24/16 Steve.Spurrier Stanford over UCLA
9/24/16 Phillip.Fulmer Stanford over UCLA
9/24/16 Steve.Spurrier Texas A&M over Arkansas
9/24/16 Phillip.Fulmer Texas A&M over Arkansas
9/24/16 Steve.Spurrier Arizona over Washington
9/24/16 Phillip.Fulmer Arizona over Washington
9/17/16 Laila.Ali Miami (FL) over Appalachian State
9/17/16 Laila.Ali Ohio State over Oklahoma
9/17/16 Laila.Ali Louisville over Florida State
9/17/16 Laila.Ali LSU over Mississippi State
9/17/16 Laila.Ali Alabama over Mississippi
9/17/16 Laila.Ali Oregon over Nebraska
9/17/16 Laila.Ali Auburn over Texas A&M
9/17/16 Laila.Ali Notre Dame over Michigan State
9/17/16 Laila.Ali Southern California over Stanford
9/10/16 Dale.Earnhardt.Jr Pittsburgh over Penn State
9/10/16 Dale.Earnhardt.Jr Boise State over Washington State
9/10/16 Dale.Earnhardt.Jr Iowa over Iowa State
9/10/16 Dale.Earnhardt.Jr TCU over Arkansas
9/10/16 Dale.Earnhardt.Jr San Diego State over California
9/10/16 Dale.Earnhardt.Jr BYU over Utah
9/10/16 Dale.Earnhardt.Jr Virginia Tech over Tennessee
9/10/16 Dale.Earnhardt.Jr North Carolina over Illinois
9/10/16 Dale.Earnhardt.Jr South Carolina over Mississippi State
9/10/16 Dale.Earnhardt.Jr Texas Tech over Arizona State
9/5/16 Aaron.Rodgers Florida State over Mississippi
9/4/16 Aaron.Rodgers Texas over Notre Dame
9/3/16 Aaron.Rodgers UCLA over Texas A&M
9/3/16 Aaron.Rodgers Oklahoma over Houston
9/3/16 Aaron.Rodgers West Virginia over Missouri
9/3/16 Aaron.Rodgers Georgia over North Carolina
9/3/16 Aaron.Rodgers Wisconsin over LSU
9/3/16 Aaron.Rodgers Alabama over Southern California
9/3/16 Aaron.Rodgers BYU over Arizona
9/3/16 Aaron.Rodgers Clemson over Auburn
12/12/15 Roger.Staubach Navy over Army
12/12/15 Roger.Staubach Northern Iowa over North Dakota State
12/12/15 Roger.Staubach Sam Houston State over Colgate
12/12/15 Roger.Staubach Mount Union over UW-Whitewater
12/5/15 Dallas.Clark West Virginia over Kansas State
12/5/15 Dallas.Clark Temple over Houston
12/5/15 Dallas.Clark Baylor over Texas
12/5/15 Dallas.Clark Western Kentucky over Southern Miss
12/5/15 Dallas.Clark Iowa over Michigan State
12/5/15 Dallas.Clark Southern California over Stanford
12/5/15 Dallas.Clark Clemson over North Carolina
11/28/15 Rickie.Fowler North Carolina State over North Carolina
11/28/15 Rickie.Fowler Georgia over Georgia Tech
11/28/15 Rickie.Fowler Ohio State over Michigan
11/28/15 Rickie.Fowler Southern California over UCLA
11/28/15 Rickie.Fowler Clemson over South Carolina
11/28/15 Rickie.Fowler Alabama over Auburn
11/28/15 Rickie.Fowler Florida State over Florida
11/28/15 Rickie.Fowler Oklahoma State over Oklahoma
11/28/15 Rickie.Fowler LSU over Texas A&M
11/28/15 Rickie.Fowler Mississippi State over Mississippi
11/28/15 Rickie.Fowler Notre Dame over Stanford
11/21/15 Archie.Griffin UCLA over Utah
11/21/15 Archie.Griffin North Carolina over Virginia Tech
11/21/15 Archie.Griffin Memphis over Temple
11/21/15 Archie.Griffin Oregon over Southern California
11/21/15 Archie.Griffin Penn State over Michigan
11/21/15 Archie.Griffin LSU over Mississippi
11/21/15 Archie.Griffin Ohio State over Michigan State
11/21/15 Archie.Griffin Arkansas over Mississippi State
11/21/15 Archie.Griffin Oklahoma over TCU
11/21/15 Archie.Griffin Oklahoma State over Baylor
11/14/15 Jeff.Dunham Michigan over Indiana
11/14/15 Jeff.Dunham Georgia over Auburn
11/14/15 Jeff.Dunham North Carolina over Miami (FL)
11/14/15 Jeff.Dunham Mississippi State over Alabama
11/14/15 Jeff.Dunham Utah over Arizona
11/14/15 Jeff.Dunham Baylor over Oklahoma
11/14/15 Jeff.Dunham Stanford over Oregon
11/14/15 Jeff.Dunham Iowa over Minnesota
11/7/15 Rick.Ross TCU over Oklahoma State
11/7/15 Rick.Ross Iowa over Indiana
11/7/15 Rick.Ross Notre Dame over Pittsburgh
11/7/15 Rick.Ross Northwestern over Penn State
11/7/15 Rick.Ross Clemson over Florida State
11/7/15 Rick.Ross Memphis over Navy
11/7/15 Rick.Ross Michigan State over Nebraska
11/7/15 Rick.Ross Washington over Utah
11/7/15 Rick.Ross Alabama over LSU
10/31/15 Philly.Phanatic Michigan over Minnesota
10/31/15 Philly.Phanatic Georgia over Florida
10/31/15 Philly.Phanatic California over Southern California
10/31/15 Philly.Phanatic Tennessee over Kentucky
10/31/15 Philly.Phanatic Mississippi over Auburn
10/31/15 Philly.Phanatic Temple over Notre Dame
10/31/15 Philly.Phanatic Stanford over Washington State
10/24/15 Dierks.Bentley Mississippi over Texas A&M
10/24/15 Dierks.Bentley Nebraska over Northwestern
10/24/15 Dierks.Bentley Clemson over Miami (FL)
10/24/15 Dierks.Bentley Virginia Tech over Duke
10/24/15 Dierks.Bentley Texas over Kansas State
10/24/15 Dierks.Bentley Florida State over Georgia Tech
10/24/15 Dierks.Bentley Southern California over Utah
10/24/15 Dierks.Bentley James Madison over Richmond
10/17/15 Steve.Spurrier Texas A&M over Alabama
10/17/15 Steve.Spurrier Northwestern over Iowa
10/17/15 Steve.Spurrier Florida State over Louisville
10/17/15 Steve.Spurrier South Carolina over Vanderbilt
10/17/15 Steve.Spurrier Notre Dame over Southern California
10/17/15 Steve.Spurrier Florida over LSU
10/17/15 Steve.Spurrier Michigan over Michigan State
10/17/15 Steve.Spurrier Mississippi over Memphis
10/17/15 Steve.Spurrier Utah over Arizona State
10/17/15 Steve.Spurrier Washington over Oregon
10/10/15 John.Stockton Tennessee over Georgia
10/10/15 John.Stockton Penn State over Indiana
10/10/15 John.Stockton Clemson over Georgia Tech
10/10/15 John.Stockton Michigan over Northwestern
10/10/15 John.Stockton BYU over East Carolina
10/10/15 John.Stockton West Virginia over Oklahoma State
10/10/15 John.Stockton Utah over California
10/3/15 Jim.Cantore Mississippi over Florida
10/3/15 Jim.Cantore Minnesota over Northwestern
10/3/15 Jim.Cantore Baylor over Texas Tech
10/3/15 Jim.Cantore Oklahoma over West Virginia
10/3/15 Jim.Cantore Navy over Air Force
10/3/15 Jim.Cantore Texas A&M over Mississippi State
10/3/15 Jim.Cantore Georgia over Alabama
10/3/15 Jim.Cantore Clemson over Notre Dame
9/26/15 Bob.Baffert TCU over Texas Tech
9/26/15 Bob.Baffert Arkansas over Texas A&M
9/26/15 Bob.Baffert Michigan over BYU
9/26/15 Bob.Baffert Duke over Georgia Tech
9/26/15 Bob.Baffert Kentucky over Missouri
9/26/15 Bob.Baffert Oklahoma State over Texas
9/26/15 Bob.Baffert Mississippi State over Auburn
9/26/15 Bob.Baffert Tennessee over Florida
9/26/15 Bob.Baffert Southern California over Arizona State
9/26/15 Bob.Baffert Arizona over UCLA
9/19/15 Eric.Church Nebraska over Miami (FL)
9/19/15 Eric.Church North Carolina over Illinois
9/19/15 Eric.Church Georgia Tech over Notre Dame
9/19/15 Eric.Church California over Texas
9/19/15 Eric.Church LSU over Auburn
9/19/15 Eric.Church Kentucky over Florida
9/19/15 Eric.Church Northwestern over Duke
9/19/15 Eric.Church Southern California over Stanford
9/19/15 Eric.Church Penn State over Rutgers
9/19/15 Eric.Church Alabama over Mississippi
9/19/15 Eric.Church UCLA over BYU
9/12/15 Draymond.Green Oklahoma over Tennessee
9/12/15 Draymond.Green Alabama over MTSU
9/12/15 Draymond.Green Ohio State over Hawaii
9/12/15 Draymond.Green Oregon State over Michigan
9/12/15 Draymond.Green South Carolina over Kentucky
9/12/15 Draymond.Green LSU over Mississippi State
9/12/15 Draymond.Green Boise State over BYU
9/12/15 Draymond.Green Michigan State over Oregon
9/5/15 Brad.Paisley Tennessee over Bowling Green State
9/5/15 Brad.Paisley Northwestern over Stanford
9/5/15 Brad.Paisley Nebraska over BYU
9/5/15 Brad.Paisley Texas A&M over Arizona State
9/5/15 Brad.Paisley Oklahoma over Akron
9/5/15 Brad.Paisley Texas over Notre Dame
9/5/15 Brad.Paisley West Virginia over Georgia Southern
9/5/15 Brad.Paisley Louisville over Auburn
9/5/15 Brad.Paisley Alabama over Wisconsin
12/13/14 Roger.Staubach Navy over Army
12/13/14 Roger.Staubach Linfield over UW-Whitewater
12/13/14 Roger.Staubach Coastal Carolina over North Dakota State
12/6/14 Mike.Singletary Baylor over Kansas State
12/6/14 Mike.Singletary Iowa State over TCU
12/6/14 Mike.Singletary Alabama over Missouri
12/6/14 Mike.Singletary Florida State over Georgia Tech
12/6/14 Mike.Singletary Boise State over Fresno State
12/6/14 Mike.Singletary Houston over Cincinnati
12/6/14 Mike.Singletary Wisconsin over Ohio State
11/29/14 Joe.Namath Alabama over Auburn
11/29/14 Joe.Namath Florida State over Florida
11/29/14 Joe.Namath Wisconsin over Minnesota
11/29/14 Joe.Namath Georgia over Georgia Tech
11/29/14 Joe.Namath Southern California over Notre Dame
11/29/14 Joe.Namath Clemson over South Carolina
11/29/14 Joe.Namath Mississippi State over Mississippi
11/29/14 Joe.Namath Ohio State over Michigan
11/29/14 Joe.Namath Oregon over Oregon State
11/22/14 Matt.Birk Stanford over California
11/22/14 Matt.Birk Boston College over Florida State
11/22/14 Matt.Birk Minnesota over Nebraska
11/22/14 Matt.Birk Mississippi over Arkansas
11/22/14 Matt.Birk Notre Dame over Louisville
11/22/14 Matt.Birk Wisconsin over Iowa
11/22/14 Matt.Birk UCLA over Southern California
11/22/14 Matt.Birk Utah over Arizona
11/22/14 Matt.Birk Michigan over Maryland
11/22/14 Matt.Birk Harvard over Yale
11/15/14 Marcus.Luttrell Florida over South Carolina
11/15/14 Marcus.Luttrell Clemson over Georgia Tech
11/15/14 Marcus.Luttrell Texas A&M over Missouri
11/15/14 Marcus.Luttrell Alabama over Mississippi State
11/15/14 Marcus.Luttrell Wisconsin over Nebraska
11/15/14 Marcus.Luttrell Georgia over Auburn
11/15/14 Marcus.Luttrell LSU over Arkansas
11/15/14 Marcus.Luttrell Ohio State over Minnesota
11/15/14 Marcus.Luttrell Florida State over Miami (FL)
11/8/14 Alice.Cooper Oregon over Utah
11/8/14 Alice.Cooper Baylor over Oklahoma
11/8/14 Alice.Cooper UCLA over Washington
11/8/14 Alice.Cooper Penn State over Indiana
11/8/14 Alice.Cooper LSU over Alabama
11/8/14 Alice.Cooper Arizona State over Notre Dame
11/8/14 Alice.Cooper Michigan State over Ohio State
11/8/14 Alice.Cooper TCU over Kansas State
11/8/14 Alice.Cooper West Virginia over Texas
11/8/14 Alice.Cooper Michigan over Northwestern
11/8/14 Alice.Cooper Georgia over Kentucky
11/1/14 Brad.Paisley Duke over Pittsburgh
11/1/14 Brad.Paisley Michigan over Indiana
11/1/14 Brad.Paisley Penn State over Maryland
11/1/14 Brad.Paisley Arizona State over Utah
11/1/14 Brad.Paisley UCLA over Arizona
11/1/14 Brad.Paisley Wisconsin over Rutgers
11/1/14 Brad.Paisley West Virginia over TCU
11/1/14 Brad.Paisley Oregon over Stanford
11/1/14 Brad.Paisley Mississippi over Auburn
10/25/14 Willie.Robertson Washington State over Arizona
10/25/14 Jase.Robertson Arizona over Washington State
10/25/14 Willie.Robertson Washington over Arizona State
10/25/14 Jase.Robertson Arizona State over Washington
10/25/14 Willie.Robertson Penn State over Ohio State
10/25/14 Jase.Robertson Ohio State over Penn State
10/25/14 Willie.Robertson LSU over Mississippi
10/25/14 Jase.Robertson LSU over Mississippi
10/25/14 Willie.Robertson Texas over Kansas State
10/25/14 Jase.Robertson Kansas State over Texas
10/25/14 Willie.Robertson Oklahoma State over West Virginia
10/25/14 Jase.Robertson West Virginia over Oklahoma State
10/25/14 Willie.Robertson Kentucky over Mississippi State
10/25/14 Jase.Robertson Mississippi State over Kentucky
10/25/14 Willie.Robertson Southern California over Utah
10/25/14 Jase.Robertson Utah over Southern California
10/25/14 Willie.Robertson Tennessee over Alabama
10/25/14 Jase.Robertson Alabama over Tennessee
10/18/14 Ken.Griffey.Jr LSU over Kentucky
10/18/14 Ken.Griffey.Jr Nebraska over Northwestern
10/18/14 Ken.Griffey.Jr TCU over Oklahoma State
10/18/14 Ken.Griffey.Jr Florida State over Notre Dame
10/18/14 Ken.Griffey.Jr Georgia over Arkansas
10/18/14 Ken.Griffey.Jr Alabama over Texas A&M
10/18/14 Ken.Griffey.Jr Baylor over West Virginia
10/18/14 Ken.Griffey.Jr Florida over Missouri
10/18/14 Ken.Griffey.Jr Oklahoma over Kansas State
10/11/14 Jonathan.Papelbon Arizona over Southern California
10/11/14 Jonathan.Papelbon LSU over Florida
10/11/14 Jonathan.Papelbon Texas A&M over Mississippi
10/11/14 Jonathan.Papelbon TCU over Baylor
10/11/14 Jonathan.Papelbon Mississippi State over Auburn
10/11/14 Jonathan.Papelbon UCLA over Oregon
10/11/14 Jonathan.Papelbon Oklahoma over Texas
10/11/14 Jonathan.Papelbon Georgia over Missouri
10/11/14 Jonathan.Papelbon Alabama over Arkansas
10/4/14 Katy.Perry Oklahoma over TCU
10/4/14 Katy.Perry Rutgers over Michigan
10/4/14 Katy.Perry Auburn over LSU
10/4/14 Katy.Perry Mississippi State over Texas A&M
10/4/14 Katy.Perry Mississippi over Alabama
10/4/14 Katy.Perry Ohio State over Maryland
10/4/14 Katy.Perry Tennessee over Florida
10/4/14 Katy.Perry Notre Dame over Stanford
10/4/14 Katy.Perry Michigan State over Nebraska
9/27/14 Kenny.Chesney Florida State over North Carolina State
9/27/14 Kenny.Chesney Duke over Miami (FL)
9/27/14 Kenny.Chesney Tennessee over Georgia
9/27/14 Kenny.Chesney South Carolina over Missouri
9/27/14 Kenny.Chesney Texas A&M over Arkansas
9/27/14 Kenny.Chesney Minnesota over Michigan
9/27/14 Kenny.Chesney Indiana over Maryland
9/27/14 Kenny.Chesney Mississippi over Memphis
9/27/14 Kenny.Chesney Washington over Stanford
9/20/14 Gabrielle.Reece Oklahoma over West Virginia
9/20/14 Gabrielle.Reece Mississippi State over LSU
9/20/14 Gabrielle.Reece Nebraska over Miami (FL)
9/20/14 Gabrielle.Reece Alabama over Florida
9/20/14 Gabrielle.Reece Virginia over BYU
9/20/14 Gabrielle.Reece Michigan over Utah
9/20/14 Gabrielle.Reece Florida State over Clemson
9/20/14 Gabrielle.Reece Pittsburgh over Iowa
9/20/14 Gabrielle.Reece Navy over Rutgers
9/20/14 Gabrielle.Reece North Dakota State over Montana
9/14/14 Brock.Jensen Northern Iowa over Hawaii
9/13/14 Brock.Jensen Texas over UCLA
9/13/14 Brock.Jensen Oklahoma over Tennessee
9/13/14 Brock.Jensen West Virginia over Maryland
9/13/14 Brock.Jensen Missouri over Central Florida
9/13/14 Brock.Jensen Texas Tech over Arkansas
9/13/14 Brock.Jensen South Carolina over Georgia
9/13/14 Brock.Jensen Penn State over Rutgers
9/13/14 Brock.Jensen Southern California over Boston College
9/13/14 Brock.Jensen North Dakota State over Incarnate Word
9/6/14 Oregon.Duck Navy over Temple
9/6/14 Oregon.Duck Army over Buffalo
9/6/14 Oregon.Duck Virginia Tech over Ohio State
9/6/14 Oregon.Duck Notre Dame over Michigan
9/6/14 Oregon.Duck Air Force over Wyoming
9/6/14 Oregon.Duck Toledo over Missouri
9/6/14 Oregon.Duck Texas over BYU
9/6/14 Oregon.Duck Oregon over Michigan State
9/1/14 Steve.Austin Miami (FL) over Louisville
8/31/14 Steve.Austin Utah State over Tennessee
8/30/14 Steve.Austin UCLA over Virginia
8/30/14 Steve.Austin Ohio State over Navy
8/30/14 Steve.Austin Florida State over Oklahoma State
8/30/14 Steve.Austin Alabama over West Virginia
8/30/14 Steve.Austin Iowa State over North Dakota State
8/30/14 Steve.Austin Wisconsin over LSU
8/30/14 Steve.Austin Georgia over Clemson
1/4/14 Magic.Johnson North Dakota State over Towson
1/3/14 Magic.Johnson Ohio State over Clemson
1/2/14 Magic.Johnson Alabama over Oklahoma
1/1/14 Magic.Johnson Wisconsin over South Carolina
1/1/14 Magic.Johnson LSU over Iowa
1/1/14 Magic.Johnson Michigan State over Stanford
12/7/13 Joey.Chesnut Baylor over Texas
12/7/13 Ryan.Riess Baylor over Texas
12/7/13 Joey.Chesnut Central Florida over SMU
12/7/13 Ryan.Riess Central Florida over SMU
12/7/13 Joey.Chesnut Oklahoma over Oklahoma State
12/7/13 Ryan.Riess Oklahoma State over Oklahoma
12/7/13 Joey.Chesnut Auburn over Missouri
12/7/13 Ryan.Riess Auburn over Missouri
12/7/13 Joey.Chesnut Stanford over Arizona State
12/7/13 Ryan.Riess Arizona State over Stanford
12/7/13 Joey.Chesnut Ohio State over Michigan State
12/7/13 Ryan.Riess Michigan State over Ohio State
11/30/13 Charles.Barkley Ohio State over Michigan
11/30/13 Charles.Barkley North Carolina over Duke
11/30/13 Charles.Barkley Missouri over Texas A&M
11/30/13 Charles.Barkley Auburn over Alabama
11/30/13 Charles.Barkley Florida State over Florida
11/30/13 Charles.Barkley South Carolina over Clemson
11/30/13 Charles.Barkley Southern California over UCLA
11/30/13 Charles.Barkley Stanford over Notre Dame
11/23/13 Marcus.Smart Penn State over Nebraska
11/23/13 Marcus.Smart Northwestern over Michigan State
11/23/13 Marcus.Smart Wisconsin over Minnesota
11/23/13 Marcus.Smart Tennessee over Vanderbilt
11/23/13 Marcus.Smart Arizona State over UCLA
11/23/13 Marcus.Smart Texas A&M over LSU
11/23/13 Marcus.Smart Notre Dame over BYU
11/23/13 Marcus.Smart Oklahoma State over Baylor
11/23/13 Marcus.Smart Oregon State over Washington
11/23/13 Marcus.Smart Oklahoma over Kansas State
11/23/13 Marcus.Smart Mississippi over Missouri
11/16/13 Chris.Fallica Duke over Miami (FL)
11/16/13 Chris.Fallica Northwestern over Michigan
11/16/13 Chris.Fallica Florida State over Syracuse
11/16/13 Chris.Fallica California over Colorado
11/16/13 Chris.Fallica Auburn over Georgia
11/16/13 Chris.Fallica Texas over Oklahoma State
11/16/13 Chris.Fallica Nebraska over Michigan State
11/16/13 Chris.Fallica Stanford over Southern California
11/16/13 Chris.Fallica North Dakota State over Youngstown State
11/9/13 Jake.Peavy Virginia Tech over Miami (FL)
11/9/13 Jake.Peavy Penn State over Minnesota
11/9/13 Jake.Peavy Vanderbilt over Florida
11/9/13 Jake.Peavy Wisconsin over BYU
11/9/13 Jake.Peavy Arizona State over Utah
11/9/13 Jake.Peavy Michigan over Nebraska
11/9/13 Jake.Peavy Auburn over Tennessee
11/9/13 Jake.Peavy Arizona over UCLA
11/9/13 Jake.Peavy Alabama over LSU
11/7/13 Jake.Owen Baylor over Oklahoma
11/7/13 Jake.Owen Oregon over Stanford
11/2/13 Jake.Owen Georgia over Florida
11/2/13 Jake.Owen Florida State over Miami (FL)
11/2/13 Jake.Owen Wisconsin over Iowa
11/2/13 Jake.Owen Michigan State over Michigan
11/2/13 Jake.Owen Minnesota over Indiana
11/2/13 Jake.Owen Auburn over Arkansas
11/2/13 Jake.Owen Nebraska over Northwestern
11/2/13 Jake.Owen Oklahoma State over Texas Tech
10/26/13 Ashton.Eaton Clemson over Maryland
10/26/13 Ashton.Eaton Oregon over UCLA
10/26/13 Ashton.Eaton Utah over Southern California
10/26/13 Ashton.Eaton Oklahoma over Texas Tech
10/26/13 Ashton.Eaton Texas over TCU
10/26/13 Ashton.Eaton Oregon State over Stanford
10/26/13 Ashton.Eaton Missouri over South Carolina
10/26/13 Ashton.Eaton Nebraska over Minnesota
10/26/13 Ashton.Eaton San Diego State over Fresno State
10/19/13 Bill.Murray Clemson over Florida State
10/19/13 Bill.Murray Texas Tech over West Virginia
10/19/13 Bill.Murray Washington over Arizona State
10/19/13 Bill.Murray Florida over Missouri
10/19/13 Bill.Murray BYU over Houston
10/19/13 Bill.Murray Miami (OH) over Akron
10/19/13 Bill.Murray UCLA over Stanford
10/19/13 Bill.Murray Notre Dame over Southern California
10/19/13 Bill.Murray Arizona over Utah
10/12/13 Warren.Moon Oklahoma over Texas
10/12/13 Hope.Solo Oklahoma over Texas
10/12/13 Warren.Moon Texas A&M over Mississippi
10/12/13 Hope.Solo Texas A&M over Mississippi
10/12/13 Warren.Moon Georgia over Missouri
10/12/13 Hope.Solo Missouri over Georgia
10/12/13 Warren.Moon LSU over Florida
10/12/13 Hope.Solo LSU over Florida
10/12/13 Warren.Moon Washington over Oregon
10/12/13 Hope.Solo Washington over Oregon
10/12/13 Warren.Moon Wisconsin over Northwestern
10/12/13 Hope.Solo Northwestern over Wisconsin
10/12/13 Warren.Moon South Carolina over Arkansas
10/12/13 Hope.Solo South Carolina over Arkansas
10/12/13 Warren.Moon Penn State over Michigan
10/12/13 Hope.Solo Michigan over Penn State
10/12/13 Warren.Moon Washington State over Oregon State
10/12/13 Hope.Solo Washington State over Oregon State
10/5/13 Brent.Musburger Iowa over Michigan State
10/5/13 Brent.Musburger LSU over Mississippi State
10/5/13 Brent.Musburger Vanderbilt over Missouri
10/5/13 Brent.Musburger Stanford over Washington
10/5/13 Brent.Musburger Auburn over Mississippi
10/5/13 Brent.Musburger Southern Miss over FIU
10/5/13 Brent.Musburger Akron over Ohio
10/5/13 Brent.Musburger Arizona State over Notre Dame
10/5/13 Brent.Musburger Indiana over Penn State
10/5/13 Brent.Musburger Northern Iowa over North Dakota State
9/28/13 Bubba.Watson Iowa over Minnesota
9/28/13 Willie.Robertson Iowa over Minnesota
9/28/13 Bubba.Watson Georgia over LSU
9/28/13 Willie.Robertson LSU over Georgia
9/28/13 Bubba.Watson Alabama over Mississippi
9/28/13 Willie.Robertson Mississippi over Alabama
9/28/13 Bubba.Watson Arizona State over Southern California
9/28/13 Willie.Robertson Arizona State over Southern California
9/28/13 Bubba.Watson Texas A&M over Arkansas
9/28/13 Willie.Robertson Texas A&M over Arkansas
9/28/13 Bubba.Watson Oklahoma over Notre Dame
9/28/13 Willie.Robertson Notre Dame over Oklahoma
9/28/13 Bubba.Watson South Carolina over Central Florida
9/28/13 Willie.Robertson Central Florida over South Carolina
9/28/13 Bubba.Watson Stanford over Washington State
9/28/13 Willie.Robertson Stanford over Washington State
9/28/13 Bubba.Watson Ohio State over Wisconsin
9/28/13 Willie.Robertson Ohio State over Wisconsin
9/28/13 Bubba.Watson Sam Houston State over Eastern Washington
9/28/13 Willie.Robertson Sam Houston State over Eastern Washington
9/21/13 Phil.Hansen Georgia Tech over North Carolina
9/21/13 Phil.Hansen West Virginia over Maryland
9/21/13 Phil.Hansen BYU over Utah
9/21/13 Phil.Hansen Notre Dame over Michigan State
9/21/13 Phil.Hansen Kansas State over Texas
9/21/13 Phil.Hansen Arkansas over Rutgers
9/21/13 Phil.Hansen Stanford over Arizona State
9/21/13 Phil.Hansen South Dakota State over Nebraska
9/21/13 Phil.Hansen North Dakota State over Delaware State
9/14/13 Lyle.Lovett Nebraska over UCLA
9/14/13 Lyle.Lovett Mississippi over Texas
9/14/13 Lyle.Lovett Southern California over Boston College
9/14/13 Lyle.Lovett Texas A&M over Alabama
9/14/13 Lyle.Lovett Auburn over Mississippi State
9/14/13 Lyle.Lovett Washington over Illinois
9/14/13 Lyle.Lovett Vanderbilt over South Carolina
9/14/13 Lyle.Lovett Arizona State over Wisconsin
9/7/13 Mark.Harmon Florida over Miami (FL)
9/7/13 Mark.Harmon Georgia over South Carolina
9/7/13 Mark.Harmon Indiana over Navy
9/7/13 Mark.Harmon Texas over BYU
9/7/13 Mark.Harmon Michigan over Notre Dame
9/7/13 Mark.Harmon Arizona over UNLV
8/31/13 Eric.Stonestreet Virginia over BYU
8/31/13 Eric.Stonestreet Alabama over Virginia Tech
8/31/13 Eric.Stonestreet Oklahoma State over Mississippi State
8/31/13 Eric.Stonestreet Auburn over Washington State
8/31/13 Eric.Stonestreet Syracuse over Penn State
8/31/13 Eric.Stonestreet Georgia over Clemson
8/31/13 Eric.Stonestreet TCU over LSU
8/31/13 Eric.Stonestreet Washington over Boise State
8/31/13 Eric.Stonestreet Northwestern over California
12/1/12 Matt.Ryan Cincinnati over Connecticut
12/1/12 Matt.Ryan Pittsburgh over South Florida
12/1/12 Matt.Ryan Oklahoma over TCU
12/1/12 Matt.Ryan Kansas State over Texas
12/1/12 Matt.Ryan Oklahoma State over Baylor
12/1/12 Matt.Ryan Boise State over Nevada
12/1/12 Matt.Ryan Central Florida over Tulsa
12/1/12 Matt.Ryan Alabama over Georgia
12/1/12 Matt.Ryan Georgia Tech over Florida State
12/1/12 Matt.Ryan Nebraska over Wisconsin
11/24/12 Landon.Donovan Ohio State over Michigan
11/24/12 Landon.Donovan Georgia over Georgia Tech
11/24/12 Landon.Donovan Wisconsin over Penn State
11/24/12 Landon.Donovan Indiana over Purdue
11/24/12 Landon.Donovan Stanford over UCLA
11/24/12 Landon.Donovan Oklahoma over Oklahoma State
11/24/12 Landon.Donovan Oregon State over Oregon
11/24/12 Landon.Donovan Florida State over Florida
11/24/12 Landon.Donovan Clemson over South Carolina
11/24/12 Landon.Donovan Notre Dame over Southern California
11/17/12 Braden.Pape Cincinnati over Rutgers
11/17/12 Braden.Pape Tennessee over Vanderbilt
11/17/12 Braden.Pape Oklahoma over West Virginia
11/17/12 Braden.Pape UCLA over Southern California
11/17/12 Braden.Pape Baylor over Kansas State
11/17/12 Braden.Pape Oregon over Stanford
11/17/12 Braden.Pape Oklahoma State over Texas Tech
11/17/12 Braden.Pape Utah State over Louisiana Tech
11/17/12 Braden.Pape Wisconsin over Ohio State
11/17/12 Braden.Pape Lehigh over Lafayette
11/17/12 Braden.Pape Yale over Harvard
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp Michigan over Northwestern
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp Louisville over Syracuse
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp Virginia over Miami (FL)
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp Wisconsin over Indiana
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp Alabama over Texas A&M
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp Nebraska over Penn State
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp Boston College over Notre Dame
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp West Virginia over Oklahoma State
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp Kansas State over TCU
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp Tennessee over Missouri
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp Stanford over Oregon State
11/10/12 Curtis.Sharp Navy over Troy
11/3/12 Lolo.Jones Penn State over Purdue
11/3/12 Lolo.Jones LSU over Alabama
11/3/12 Lolo.Jones Oregon State over Arizona State
11/3/12 Lolo.Jones Michigan State over Nebraska
11/3/12 Lolo.Jones Michigan over Minnesota
11/3/12 Lolo.Jones Kansas State over Oklahoma State
11/3/12 Lolo.Jones Texas Tech over Texas
11/3/12 Lolo.Jones Texas A&M over Mississippi State
11/3/12 Lolo.Jones Iowa State over Oklahoma
11/3/12 Lolo.Jones Oregon over Southern California
10/27/12 Nathan.Followill Alabama over Mississippi State
10/27/12 Nathan.Followill Georgia over Florida
10/27/12 Nathan.Followill Southern California over Arizona
10/27/12 Nathan.Followill Ohio State over Penn State
10/27/12 Nathan.Followill Oregon State over Washington
10/27/12 Nathan.Followill Kansas State over Texas Tech
10/27/12 Nathan.Followill TCU over Oklahoma State
10/27/12 Nathan.Followill Oklahoma over Notre Dame
10/27/12 Nathan.Followill Michigan over Nebraska
10/20/12 Ryan.Lochte Nebraska over Northwestern
10/20/12 Ryan.Lochte Clemson over Virginia Tech
10/20/12 Ryan.Lochte Notre Dame over BYU
10/20/12 Ryan.Lochte Stanford over California
10/20/12 Ryan.Lochte Michigan over Michigan State
10/20/12 Ryan.Lochte Texas Tech over TCU
10/20/12 Ryan.Lochte West Virginia over Kansas State
10/20/12 Ryan.Lochte LSU over Texas A&M
10/20/12 Ryan.Lochte Florida over South Carolina
10/20/12 Ryan.Lochte Iowa over Penn State
10/13/12 Vince.Vaughn Oklahoma over Texas
10/13/12 Vince.Vaughn Purdue over Wisconsin
10/13/12 Vince.Vaughn Florida over Vanderbilt
10/13/12 Vince.Vaughn Iowa State over Kansas State
10/13/12 Vince.Vaughn Oregon State over BYU
10/13/12 Vince.Vaughn Notre Dame over Stanford
10/13/12 Vince.Vaughn Mississippi State over Tennessee
10/13/12 Vince.Vaughn South Carolina over LSU
10/13/12 Vince.Vaughn West Virginia over Texas Tech
10/13/12 Vince.Vaughn Louisiana Tech over Texas A&M
10/6/12 Darius.Rucker Northwestern over Penn State
10/6/12 Darius.Rucker Virginia Tech over North Carolina
10/6/12 Darius.Rucker South Carolina over Georgia
10/6/12 Darius.Rucker West Virginia over Texas
10/6/12 Darius.Rucker California over UCLA
10/6/12 Darius.Rucker Michigan over Purdue
10/6/12 Darius.Rucker Oklahoma over Texas Tech
10/6/12 Darius.Rucker Notre Dame over Miami (FL)
10/6/12 Darius.Rucker Ohio State over Nebraska
10/6/12 Darius.Rucker LSU over Florida
9/22/12 Ricky.Carmichael Florida State over Clemson
9/22/12 Ricky.Carmichael Arkansas over Rutgers
9/22/12 Ricky.Carmichael UCLA over Oregon State
9/22/12 Ricky.Carmichael Michigan over Notre Dame
9/22/12 Ricky.Carmichael Syracuse over Minnesota
9/22/12 Ricky.Carmichael Oklahoma over Kansas State
9/22/12 Ricky.Carmichael Arizona State over Utah
9/15/12 Kenny.Chesney Boston College over Northwestern
9/15/12 Kenny.Chesney Connecticut over Maryland
9/15/12 Kenny.Chesney Southern California over Stanford
9/15/12 Kenny.Chesney Texas over Mississippi
9/15/12 Kenny.Chesney Arizona State over Missouri
9/15/12 Kenny.Chesney Utah over BYU
9/15/12 Kenny.Chesney Alabama over Arkansas
9/15/12 Kenny.Chesney Tennessee over Florida
9/15/12 Kenny.Chesney Michigan State over Notre Dame
9/8/12 Jeff.Van.Gundy Penn State over Virginia
9/8/12 Georgia over Missouri
9/8/12 Kansas State over Miami (FL)
9/8/12 Notre Dame over Purdue
9/8/12 Wisconsin over Oregon State
9/8/12 Auburn over Mississippi State
9/8/12 Texas A&M over Florida
9/8/12 Nebraska over UCLA
9/8/12 Arizona State over Illinois
9/3/12 Jerry.Jones Virginia Tech over Georgia Tech
9/1/12 Jerry.Jones Penn State over Ohio
9/1/12 Jerry.Jones Northwestern over Syracuse
9/1/12 Jerry.Jones Miami (FL) over Boston College
9/1/12 Jerry.Jones Iowa over Northern Illinois
9/1/12 Jerry.Jones Clemson over Auburn
9/1/12 Jerry.Jones Alabama over Michigan
1/2/12 Lane.Kiffin Florida over Ohio State
11/26/11 Bo.Jackson Michigan over Ohio State
11/26/11 Bo.Jackson Syracuse over Cincinnati
11/26/11 Bo.Jackson Michigan State over Northwestern
11/26/11 Bo.Jackson Georgia over Georgia Tech
11/26/11 Bo.Jackson South Carolina over Clemson
11/26/11 Bo.Jackson Auburn over Alabama
11/26/11 Bo.Jackson Virginia Tech over Virginia
11/26/11 Bo.Jackson Wisconsin over Penn State
11/26/11 Bo.Jackson Florida State over Florida
11/26/11 Bo.Jackson Stanford over Notre Dame
11/19/11 Carl.Lewis Wisconsin over Illinois
11/19/11 Carl.Lewis Clemson over North Carolina State
11/19/11 Carl.Lewis Vanderbilt over Tennessee
11/19/11 Carl.Lewis Oregon State over Washington
11/19/11 Carl.Lewis Nebraska over Michigan
11/19/11 Carl.Lewis Ohio State over Penn State
11/19/11 Carl.Lewis Kansas State over Texas
11/19/11 Carl.Lewis Houston over SMU
11/19/11 Carl.Lewis Miami (FL) over South Florida
11/19/11 Carl.Lewis Oklahoma over Baylor
11/12/11 Jim.Plunkett Michigan over Illinois
11/12/11 Jim.Plunkett Kansas State over Texas A&M
11/12/11 Jim.Plunkett Miami (FL) over Florida State
11/12/11 Jim.Plunkett West Virginia over Cincinnati
11/12/11 Jim.Plunkett Texas over Missouri
11/12/11 Jim.Plunkett Oklahoma State over Texas Tech
11/12/11 Jim.Plunkett Michigan State over Iowa
11/12/11 Jim.Plunkett Georgia over Auburn
11/12/11 Jim.Plunkett Stanford over Oregon
11/12/11 Jim.Plunkett Utah over UCLA
11/5/11 Brian.Wilson Connecticut over Syracuse
11/5/11 Brian.Wilson Vanderbilt over Florida
11/5/11 Brian.Wilson Michigan over Iowa
11/5/11 Brian.Wilson South Carolina over Arkansas
11/5/11 Brian.Wilson LSU over Alabama
11/5/11 Brian.Wilson Arizona State over UCLA
11/5/11 Brian.Wilson Notre Dame over Wake Forest
11/5/11 Brian.Wilson Baylor over Missouri
11/5/11 Brian.Wilson Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
10/29/11 Eric.Stonestreet Clemson over Georgia Tech
10/29/11 Eric.Stonestreet Michigan State over Nebraska
10/29/11 Eric.Stonestreet Illinois over Penn State
10/29/11 Eric.Stonestreet Florida over Georgia
10/29/11 Eric.Stonestreet California over UCLA
10/29/11 Eric.Stonestreet South Carolina over Tennessee
10/29/11 Eric.Stonestreet Kansas State over Oklahoma
10/29/11 Eric.Stonestreet Wisconsin over Ohio State
10/29/11 Eric.Stonestreet Southern California over Stanford
10/22/11 Mateen.Cleaves Georgia Tech over Miami (FL)
10/22/11 Clemson over North Carolina
10/22/11 Oklahoma State over Missouri
10/22/11 California over Utah
10/22/11 Washington State over Oregon State
10/22/11 Northwestern over Penn State
10/22/11 Notre Dame over Southern California
10/22/11 Auburn over LSU
10/22/11 Michigan State over Wisconsin
10/8/11 Blake.Griffin Oklahoma over Texas
10/8/11 Blake.Griffin Penn State over Iowa
10/8/11 Blake.Griffin Arkansas over Auburn
10/8/11 Blake.Griffin Georgia over Tennessee
10/8/11 Blake.Griffin Virginia Tech over Miami (FL)
10/8/11 Blake.Griffin Michigan over Northwestern
10/8/11 Blake.Griffin Texas A&M over Texas Tech
10/8/11 Blake.Griffin Missouri over Kansas State
10/8/11 Blake.Griffin LSU over Florida
10/8/11 Blake.Griffin Nebraska over Ohio State
10/1/11 Jerry.Ferrara Navy over Air Force
10/1/11 Jerry.Ferrara Texas over Iowa State
10/1/11 Jerry.Ferrara Michigan State over Ohio State
10/1/11 Jerry.Ferrara Alabama over Florida
10/1/11 Jerry.Ferrara Texas A&M over Arkansas
10/1/11 Jerry.Ferrara Baylor over Kansas State
10/1/11 Jerry.Ferrara Georgia over Mississippi State
10/1/11 Jerry.Ferrara Virginia Tech over Clemson
10/1/11 Jerry.Ferrara Wisconsin over Nebraska
9/24/11 Bob.Huggins Alabama over Arkansas
9/24/11 Bob.Huggins West Virginia over LSU
9/24/11 Bob.Huggins Michigan over San Diego State
9/24/11 Bob.Huggins Georgia Tech over North Carolina
9/24/11 Bob.Huggins Notre Dame over Pittsburgh
9/24/11 Bob.Huggins Florida State over Clemson
9/24/11 Bob.Huggins UCLA over Oregon State
9/24/11 Bob.Huggins Texas A&M over Oklahoma State
9/24/11 Bob.Huggins Oregon over Arizona
9/24/11 Bob.Huggins Arizona State over Southern California
9/5/11 Mark.Cuban Maryland over Miami (FL)
9/3/11 Mark.Cuban Northwestern over Boston College
9/3/11 Mark.Cuban UCLA over Houston
9/3/11 Mark.Cuban Notre Dame over South Florida
9/3/11 Mark.Cuban BYU over Mississippi
9/3/11 Mark.Cuban Indiana over Ball State
9/3/11 Mark.Cuban Boise State over Georgia
9/3/11 Mark.Cuban Oregon over LSU
11/20/10 Mike.Ditka Florida State over Maryland
11/20/10 Mike.Ditka Wisconsin over Michigan
11/20/10 Mike.Ditka Ohio State over Iowa
11/20/10 Mike.Ditka Arkansas over Mississippi State
11/20/10 Mike.Ditka Northwestern over Illinois
11/20/10 Mike.Ditka Stanford over California
11/20/10 Mike.Ditka Virginia Tech over Miami (FL)
11/20/10 Mike.Ditka Pittsburgh over South Florida
11/20/10 Mike.Ditka Oklahoma over Baylor
11/20/10 Mike.Ditka Nebraska over Texas A&M
11/13/10 Derek.Poundstone Georgia Tech over Miami (FL)
11/13/10 Derek.Poundstone Northwestern over Iowa
11/13/10 Derek.Poundstone Michigan over Purdue
11/13/10 Derek.Poundstone South Carolina over Florida
11/13/10 Derek.Poundstone Utah over Notre Dame
11/13/10 Derek.Poundstone Georgia over Auburn
11/13/10 Derek.Poundstone Oregon over California
11/13/10 Derek.Poundstone Oklahoma State over Texas
11/13/10 Derek.Poundstone Ohio State over Penn State
11/13/10 Derek.Poundstone North Carolina over Virginia Tech
11/6/10 Ty.Burrell Oklahoma State over Baylor
11/6/10 Ty.Burrell South Carolina over Arkansas
11/6/10 Ty.Burrell Stanford over Arizona
11/6/10 Ty.Burrell Utah over TCU
11/6/10 Ty.Burrell Alabama over LSU
10/30/10 Will.Ferrell Iowa over Michigan State
10/30/10 Will.Ferrell Mississippi over Auburn
10/30/10 Will.Ferrell Texas over Baylor
10/30/10 Will.Ferrell Stanford over Washington
10/30/10 Will.Ferrell Florida over Georgia
10/30/10 Will.Ferrell Kansas State over Oklahoma State
10/30/10 Will.Ferrell Nebraska over Missouri
10/30/10 Will.Ferrell Utah over Air Force
10/30/10 Will.Ferrell Michigan over Penn State
10/30/10 Will.Ferrell Southern California over Oregon
10/16/10 Nathan.Followill South Carolina over Kentucky
10/16/10 Nathan.Followill Southern California over California
10/16/10 Nathan.Followill Nebraska over Texas
10/16/10 Nathan.Followill Michigan over Iowa
10/16/10 Nathan.Followill Oregon State over Washington
10/16/10 Nathan.Followill Texas Tech over Oklahoma State
10/16/10 Nathan.Followill Missouri over Texas A&M
10/16/10 Nathan.Followill Wisconsin over Ohio State
10/16/10 Nathan.Followill Arkansas over Auburn
10/16/10 Nathan.Followill Nevada over Hawaii
9/25/10 Picabo.Street Georgia Tech over North Carolina State
9/25/10 Picabo.Street Mississippi State over Georgia
9/25/10 Picabo.Street Alabama over Arkansas
9/25/10 Picabo.Street Boise State over Oregon State
9/25/10 Picabo.Street Stanford over Notre Dame
9/25/10 Picabo.Street California over Arizona
9/25/10 Picabo.Street South Carolina over Auburn
9/25/10 Picabo.Street LSU over West Virginia
9/25/10 Picabo.Street Oregon over Arizona State
9/11/10 Bobby.Bowden South Carolina over Georgia
9/11/10 Bobby.Bowden California over Colorado
9/11/10 Bobby.Bowden Florida State over Oklahoma
9/11/10 Bobby.Bowden Michigan over Notre Dame
9/11/10 Bobby.Bowden Miami (FL) over Ohio State
9/11/10 Bobby.Bowden Air Force over BYU
9/11/10 Bobby.Bowden Oregon over Tennessee
9/11/10 Bobby.Bowden Alabama over Penn State
9/11/10 Bobby.Bowden Stanford over UCLA
9/6/10 Big.Boi Virginia Tech over Boise State
9/4/10 Big.Boi Missouri over Illinois
9/4/10 Big.Boi Notre Dame over Purdue
9/4/10 Big.Boi Michigan over Connecticut
9/4/10 Big.Boi Kansas State over UCLA
9/4/10 Big.Boi BYU over Washington
9/4/10 Big.Boi TCU over Oregon State
9/4/10 Big.Boi LSU over North Carolina
9/4/10 Big.Boi Fresno State over Cincinnati
1/5/10 Jake.Olsen Georgia Tech over Iowa
1/4/10 Jake.Olsen TCU over Boise State
1/2/10 Jake.Olsen Connecticut over South Carolina
1/2/10 Jake.Olsen Oklahoma State over Mississippi
1/2/10 Jake.Olsen Texas Tech over Michigan State
1/1/10 Jake.Olsen Auburn over Northwestern
1/1/10 Jake.Olsen Florida State over West Virginia
1/1/10 Jake.Olsen Penn State over LSU
1/1/10 Jake.Olsen Oregon over Ohio State
1/1/10 Jake.Olsen Florida over Cincinnati
12/5/09 Lane.Kiffin Connecticut over South Florida
12/5/09 Lane.Kiffin West Virginia over Rutgers
12/5/09 Lane.Kiffin Southern California over Arizona
12/5/09 Lane.Kiffin Washington over California
12/5/09 Lane.Kiffin Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
12/5/09 Lane.Kiffin Wisconsin over Hawaii
12/5/09 Lane.Kiffin Houston over East Carolina
12/5/09 Lane.Kiffin Alabama over Florida
12/5/09 Lane.Kiffin Georgia Tech over Clemson
12/5/09 Lane.Kiffin Texas over Nebraska
11/28/09 Nick.Swisher South Carolina over Clemson
11/28/09 Nick.Swisher Oklahoma over Oklahoma State
11/28/09 Nick.Swisher Florida over Florida State
11/28/09 Nick.Swisher Georgia Tech over Georgia
11/28/09 Nick.Swisher BYU over Utah
11/28/09 Nick.Swisher Arizona over Arizona State
11/28/09 Nick.Swisher Miami (FL) over South Florida
11/28/09 Nick.Swisher LSU over Arkansas
11/28/09 Nick.Swisher Stanford over Notre Dame
11/21/09 Amanda.Beard Ohio State over Michigan
11/21/09 Amanda.Beard Notre Dame over Connecticut
11/21/09 Amanda.Beard Penn State over Michigan State
11/21/09 Amanda.Beard Stanford over California
11/21/09 Amanda.Beard LSU over Mississippi
11/21/09 Amanda.Beard Nebraska over Kansas State
11/21/09 Amanda.Beard Oklahoma over Texas Tech
11/21/09 Amanda.Beard Arizona over Oregon
11/21/09 Amanda.Beard Harvard over Yale
11/21/09 Amanda.Beard Lafayette over Lehigh
11/7/09 Spike.Thomas North Carolina over Duke
11/7/09 Spike.Thomas Arkansas over South Carolina
11/7/09 Spike.Thomas Notre Dame over Navy
11/7/09 Spike.Thomas Alabama over LSU
11/7/09 Spike.Thomas Air Force over Army
11/7/09 Spike.Thomas Nebraska over Oklahoma
11/7/09 Spike.Thomas Penn State over Ohio State
11/7/09 Spike.Thomas UCLA over Washington
11/7/09 Spike.Thomas Oregon over Stanford
11/7/09 Spike.Thomas Clemson over Florida State
10/31/09 Phil.Knight Miami (FL) over Wake Forest
10/31/09 Phil.Knight Texas A&M over Iowa State
10/31/09 Phil.Knight Mississippi over Auburn
10/31/09 Phil.Knight Oregon State over UCLA
10/31/09 Phil.Knight California over Arizona State
10/31/09 Phil.Knight Colorado over Missouri
10/31/09 Phil.Knight Texas over Oklahoma State
10/31/09 Phil.Knight Texas Tech over Kansas
10/31/09 Phil.Knight South Carolina over Tennessee
10/31/09 Phil.Knight Oregon over Southern California
10/24/09 Lavell.Edwards Georgia Tech over Virginia
10/24/09 Lavell.Edwards Miami (FL) over Clemson
10/24/09 Lavell.Edwards Oregon over Washington
10/24/09 Lavell.Edwards Penn State over Michigan
10/24/09 Lavell.Edwards Texas over Missouri
10/24/09 Lavell.Edwards Arizona over UCLA
10/24/09 Lavell.Edwards Mississippi over Arkansas
10/24/09 Lavell.Edwards Michigan State over Iowa
10/24/09 Lavell.Edwards BYU over TCU
10/24/09 Lavell.Edwards LSU over Auburn
10/17/09 Mark.Cuban Texas over Oklahoma
10/17/09 Mark.Cuban Wisconsin over Iowa
10/17/09 Mark.Cuban Clemson over Wake Forest
10/17/09 Mark.Cuban Southern California over Notre Dame
10/17/09 Mark.Cuban California over UCLA
10/17/09 Mark.Cuban Virginia Tech over Georgia Tech
10/17/09 Mark.Cuban Missouri over Oklahoma State
10/17/09 Mark.Cuban Stanford over Arizona
10/17/09 Mark.Cuban Indiana over Illinois
10/17/09 Mark.Cuban Arizona State over Washington
10/10/09 Drew.Brees Purdue over Minnesota
10/10/09 Drew.Brees Alabama over Mississippi
10/10/09 Drew.Brees Washington over Arizona
10/10/09 Drew.Brees Stanford over Oregon State
10/10/09 Drew.Brees Georgia over Tennessee
10/10/09 Drew.Brees Georgia Tech over Florida State
10/10/09 Drew.Brees Wisconsin over Ohio State
10/10/09 Drew.Brees Oregon over UCLA
10/10/09 Drew.Brees Auburn over Arkansas
10/10/09 Drew.Brees LSU over Florida
10/10/09 Drew.Brees Iowa over Michigan
10/3/09 Tedy.Bruschi Wisconsin over Minnesota
10/3/09 Tedy.Bruschi Boston College over Florida State
10/3/09 Tedy.Bruschi Notre Dame over Washington
10/3/09 Tedy.Bruschi Georgia over LSU
10/3/09 Tedy.Bruschi Oklahoma over Miami (FL)
10/3/09 Tedy.Bruschi Michigan over Michigan State
10/3/09 Tedy.Bruschi Stanford over UCLA
10/3/09 Tedy.Bruschi Auburn over Tennessee
10/3/09 Tedy.Bruschi Southern California over California
9/19/09 Lance.Armstrong Iowa over Arizona
9/19/09 Lance.Armstrong Oregon over Utah
9/19/09 Lance.Armstrong Southern California over Washington
9/19/09 Lance.Armstrong Nebraska over Virginia Tech
9/19/09 Lance.Armstrong Notre Dame over Michigan State
9/19/09 Lance.Armstrong Auburn over West Virginia
9/19/09 Lance.Armstrong Florida over Tennessee
9/19/09 Lance.Armstrong BYU over Florida State
9/19/09 Lance.Armstrong Georgia over Arkansas
9/19/09 Lance.Armstrong Texas over Texas Tech
9/12/09 Santonio.Holmes Connecticut over North Carolina
9/12/09 Santonio.Holmes Stanford over Wake Forest
9/12/09 Santonio.Holmes South Carolina over Georgia
9/12/09 Santonio.Holmes Tennessee over UCLA
9/12/09 Santonio.Holmes Purdue over Oregon
9/12/09 Santonio.Holmes Notre Dame over Michigan
9/12/09 Santonio.Holmes Minnesota over Air Force
9/12/09 Santonio.Holmes Southern California over Ohio State
9/7/09 Chipper.Jones Rutgers over Cincinnati
9/7/09 Chipper.Jones Miami (FL) over Florida State
9/5/09 Chipper.Jones Notre Dame over Nevada
9/5/09 Chipper.Jones Oklahoma State over Georgia
9/5/09 Chipper.Jones Oklahoma over BYU
9/5/09 Chipper.Jones Illinois over Missouri
9/5/09 Chipper.Jones Wake Forest over Baylor
9/5/09 Chipper.Jones Minnesota over Syracuse
9/5/09 Chipper.Jones Alabama over Virginia Tech
11/1/08 Bobby.Knight West Virginia over Connecticut
11/1/08 Bobby.Knight Texas Tech over Texas
10/25/08 Lebron.James Alabama over Tennessee
10/25/08 Lebron.James Georgia Tech over Virginia
10/25/08 Lebron.James Texas over Oklahoma State
10/25/08 Lebron.James LSU over Georgia
10/25/08 Lebron.James Michigan over Michigan State
10/25/08 Lebron.James Florida State over Virginia Tech
10/25/08 Lebron.James Texas Tech over Kansas
10/25/08 Lebron.James Ohio State over Penn State
10/25/08 Lebron.James Notre Dame over Washington
10/25/08 Lebron.James Arizona over Southern California
10/4/08 Kenny.Chesney North Carolina over Connecticut
10/4/08 Kenny.Chesney South Carolina over Mississippi
10/4/08 Kenny.Chesney Vanderbilt over Auburn
10/4/08 Kenny.Chesney Nebraska over Missouri
12/4/04 Charles.Barkley Oklahoma over Colorado
10/2/04 Charles.Barkley Auburn over Tennessee


6 responses

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    1. you said lsu over alabama last week was correct, actually the tide won that game.

      1. My bad. Thanks for the heads up on that. Pick has been corrected.

  2. […] has never had a current college athlete pick games. Here’s a pretty complete list of all the guest pickers in the history of the […]

  3. Penn state beat Ohio state in 2016. You have OSU beating PSU correct.

    1. It has been corrected. Thanks.

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